Israeli Airstrike Kills 8 As Hamas Claims IDF Attacks Have Left Nearly 100 Dead In Last 24 Hours

 February 25, 2024

An Israeli airstrike recently targeted a house in Rafah, Gaza, leaving a wake of tragedy with at least eight fatalities. This attack, marking a grave episode in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, emphasizes the dire humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the global outcry against the two parties' actions.

The Health Ministry officials of Hamas-controlled Gaza reported that in the last 24 hours, the Palestinian death toll due to bombing reached 92. This surge in casualties comes amidst nearly five months of conflict, with the overall toll now standing at 29,606 dead and approximately 70,000 wounded. Among the deceased, children and women represent two-thirds, indicating the immense human cost of this war, according to the Health Ministry which, however, does not specify the division between civilian and combatant fatalities.

Hassan Attwa, a displaced resident from Gaza City, highlighted the harsh economic conditions exacerbating the crisis, with “choking, skyrocketing prices” making survival even more challenging for those affected by the conflict.

Global leaders raise their voices against the violence

In response to the ongoing war, various international figures have spoken out against the Israeli actions. The Brazilian president's accusation of genocide mirrors the growing international discontent with the situation in Gaza. South Africa has taken a step further by bringing a case against Israel to the International Court of Justice, accusing it of genocide, with the court subsequently ordering Israel to prevent acts of genocide in Gaza.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's vow for "total victory" stands in stark contrast to the international calls for peace and reconciliation. Netanyahu's firm stance comes as Israel sends negotiators to Paris for hostage release talks, offering a glimmer of hope for a temporary cessation of hostilities, Daily Mail reported.

The discussion in Paris, involving delegates from the United States, Egypt, and Qatar, aims to negotiate a halt to the fighting, specifically to facilitate talks concerning the release of hostages taken during the conflict. This approach, however, remains overshadowed by the immense toll the conflict has taken, particularly on the civilian population of Gaza.

The human toll of conflict unfolds in Gaza

The scale of displacement within Gaza is staggering, with approximately 80% of its 2.3 million inhabitants forced from their homes. The concentration of around 1.4 million people in Rafah, where the recent airstrike occurred, underscores the severe conditions faced by displaced individuals.

Israel insists that its military operations target Hamas militants, not Palestinian civilians, attributing the civilian casualties to Hamas' actions. Despite such claims, the high number of civilian casualties, including a significant proportion of children and women, paints a grim picture of the conflict's impact.

With over 10,000 Hamas fighters reported killed by Israeli forces, the military toll is equally substantial, demonstrating the extensive nature of the conflict. Yet, for those caught in the crossfire, distinctions between combatant and civilian losses blur against the backdrop of widespread devastation.


As the conflict between Israel and Hamas continues to ravage Gaza, the international community's outcry grows louder. The recent Israeli airstrike on a house in Rafah, resulting in the deaths of at least eight people, including four women and a child, adds to a death toll that paints a shocking picture of the human cost of this nearly five-month-long war.

With over 29,606 people dead and approximately 70,000 wounded, alongside the displacement of nearly 80% of Gaza's population, the crisis begs for a resolution. International leaders, including Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, have condemned Israel's actions, with some likening them to genocide. Regardless of these accusations, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remains steadfast in his pursuit of total victory, even as peace talks hint at a possible, though temporary, respite from violence.

Amidst these developments, the daily struggles of displaced Gazans, like Hassan Attwa, highlight the personal toll of this conflict, emphasizing the need for a compassionate and comprehensive approach to its resolution.

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