Over 100 Dead After Palestinians Fired Upon During Air Delivery

By Ethan Cole on
 March 1, 2024

A catastrophic incident in Gaza City has culminated in over 100 fatalities and left hundreds more injured.

Early Thursday saw a calamitous occurrence in Gaza City, where a surge towards humanitarian aid trucks resulted in more than 100 deaths and hundreds of injuries under circumstances still shrouded in ambiguity.

Initial reports suggest a chaotic scene unfolded as Palestinians, desperate for aid, flocked to the trucks. The resulting turmoil is now the center of a significant controversy. Witnesses claim Israeli forces opened fire on the crowd, allegations that starkly contrast with Israeli military statements. The latter attributes the tragic loss of lives predominantly to a dangerous stampede, further complicating the narrative surrounding this distressing incident.

Statistics from Health Ministry spokesperson Ashraf al-Qidra underscores the severity of the situation. The magnitude of the loss, with at least 104 lives claimed and around 760 individuals sustaining injuries, prompts al-Qidra to label the event a "massacre." This terminology reflects the gravity of the situation and hints at the broader implications and interpretations for both local and international observers.

A complex tragedy with varying accounts

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) provide a differing perspective, emphasizing the chaos that ensued due to Gazans surrounding and subsequently looting the aid trucks. According to the IDF, this resulted in numerous injuries due to the panic and chaos, underscoring a situation gone tragically awry.

The military's statement shifts the focus toward the crowd's behavior, suggesting that their actions inadvertently led to a disastrous outcome.

Given the disparity in accounts, the IDF undertook the release of aerial footage to provide clarity. This footage purportedly documents the moment the crowd swarmed the aid trucks, a key piece of evidence in their narrative. Despite this, the IDF concedes that a review of the incident is underway, acknowledging the complexity and the need for a thorough investigation.

The focal point of this tragic event was the al-Nabusi roundabout west of Gaza City. The location became a catastrophic scene where the hopes of many for relief turned into a night of horror and loss. The stark contrast between the anticipation of humanitarian aid and the grim reality that unfolded emphasizes the acute desperation and volatile conditions prevailing in the region.

The human cost of conflict and appeals for accountability

In the aftermath of the tragedy, the medical community faced overwhelming challenges. Fares Afana, head of the ambulance service at Kamal Adwan Hospital, describes a dire situation where the wounded outnumbered available ambulances, with some even being transported via donkey carts. This poignant detail underscores the severe limitations faced by first responders in crises.

Dr. Hussam Abu Safia, director of Kamal Adwan Hospital, offers a grim testament to the critical condition of the majority of patients:

Most of our patients are in critical condition, which requires urgent surgical intervention, but we have no operating rooms. I stand helpless. We are simply administering first-aid treatment only.

This statement encapsulates the dire medical infrastructure challenges, illustrating the gap between the needs of the wounded and the available resources to aid them.

Amidst this tragedy, Hamas points the finger of blame towards Israel, President Biden, and his administration, urging global demonstrations against Israel. This escalation of rhetoric showcases the incident not only as a human tragedy but as a spark in the tinderbox of regional and international political tensions.

Gaza City, along with northern Gaza, has borne the brunt of an Israeli offensive triggered by a Hamas attack on October 7. The harrowing toll of this ongoing conflict is starkly highlighted by the Palestinian death tally since the war's inception. Approximately 30,035 lives have been lost, with another 70,457 wounded, marking a significant portion of the casualties as women and children.


This tragic event in Gaza City is a stark reminder of the dire consequences that can arise from the intersection of conflict, desperation, and the essential quest for humanitarian aid. With over 100 individuals reported dead and hundreds more injured, the incident stands as a painful symbol of the ongoing strife in the region.

The conflicting reports regarding the cause — a purported Israeli military action versus a stampede — only add to the complexity and urgency for a transparent investigation. Amid these devastating losses, appeals from the medical community underscore the critical need for immediate and long-term support. This tragedy, entwined with the broader context of conflict and political tensions, calls for a collective reconsideration of strategies to ensure the safety and dignity of all individuals affected by such crises.

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