Legendary Military Battles: The First Battle Of Fallujah, Iraq War

 February 10, 2022

The First Battle of Fallujah spanned from April 4 to May 1, 2004. The campaign was also referred to as Operation Valiant Resolve.

Battle In Fallujah

During this campaign, the U.S. had three intentions, calm the city, root out and get rid of extremists, and find the people responsible for the ambush and killing of four American contractors.

Once the military contractors were killed, their bodies were beaten, burned, and displayed for all to see. The incident sparked outrage worldwide and moved the U.S. into action.

It only took a week for forces to gain control over a third of Fallujah. After that, the city was pummeled by airstrikes causing massive destruction and many civilian deaths.

U.S. Withdrawal

The temporary government pushed the U.S. to leave the city and turn it over to them and the 1,100 man Fallujah Brigade. The U.S. withdrew on May 1, and the temporary government fell by September.

Insurgents had once again taken control of Fallujah and now had equipment and weaponry from the U.S. During the operation, the United States lost 27 soldiers.

About 200 insurgents were killed, and about 600 civilians lost their lives, with about half that number being women and children.

Second Battle

The United States would soon go back into the city for the Second Battle of Fallujah from Nov. 7th through December 24, 2004. This battle was the Iraq Wars' bloodiest battle.

The U.S. deployed 12,000 troops to the city. In the fight, 82 soldiers were killed, and 600 were hurt, along with 6 Iraqi soldiers who were killed and 52 who were hurt.

However, the troops were able to take out 2,000 insurgents and capture 1,200 out of the estimated 3,500 to 4,000 who were there when the battle began. Once again, the city was turned over to the Iraqi government.

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  1. If there is a TIME for war, and there is: Ecclesiastes 3:8KJV The first rule of war, is to win, and the second is to take LAND! You go to WAR to take land and KILL! There is a time for each one of these! See Eccles 3:1 to 3KJV "A time to kill"

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