Mark Robinson Faces Scrutiny for Past Controversial Conspiracy Theory Comments

 June 9, 2024

North Carolina’s current lieutenant governor and gubernatorial hopeful, Mark Robinson, is drawing intense scrutiny over controversial remarks.

According to Daily Mail, Mark Robinson has stoked controversy by suggesting that the U.S. government might have been complicit in the attack on Pearl Harbor and the mysterious death of General George Patton.

In a 2018 radio interview on Politics and Prophecy with Chris Levels, Robinson discussed his suspicions about these major historical events, questioning traditional narratives. His remarks extend beyond Pearl Harbor and Patton, encompassing skepticism about events like 9/11 and the 2017 Las Vegas shooting.

Robinson's Contrarian Views Extend to Various Historical Events

"Japan is the one who bombed us, but most of our material, and effort went to Europe," remarked the host during the radio interview. Robinson responded affirming his suspicion and concerns about U.S. strategies during World War II. He critiqued Franklin Roosevelt’s leadership, labeling him as a socialist and criticizing his wartime decisions. This position reflects Robinson's broader skepticism of conventional historical interpretations.

These controversial views have been a part of Robinson’s political identity, which also includes offensive comments that have been perceived as antisemitic, homophobic, and sexist over the years. His outspoken nature has made him a polarizing figure within North Carolina politics. Despite these controversies, Robinson continues to hold significant support within his party. He received an enthusiastic endorsement from former President Donald Trump who likened him to "Martin Luther King on steroids" at a 2024 rally.

This endorsement came even though Robinson had previously criticized prominent figures in the Civil Rights Movement, including calling Martin Luther King a "communist."

Robinson won his party’s nomination for governor on Super Tuesday in March 2024, signaling strong support among Republican voters despite or perhaps because of his controversial stances. His campaign has portrayed these criticisms as political tactics by opponents.

Robinson's Campaign Claims Foul Play in Criticism

Mike Lonergan, the campaign communications director, defended Robinson, asserting that attacks against him are merely political strategies by Democrats and the media trying to tarnish his reputation. "Just like when the Democrats tried to smear him for calling for more education about the evils of totalitarian dictators like Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, these are just more twisted word-game pretzels made up by Democrats and their allies in the press to falsely attack Mark Robinson."

In his more specific remarks about Pearl Harbor, Robinson stopped short of direct accusation but expressed strong suspicions. "I’m not prepared to say our government intentionally set Pearl Harbor up. I know there’s a lot of conspiracy theories that say that…," he stated in the 2018 interview.

Robinson’s view on General Patton's death was even clearer, describing the circumstances as "just too fishy to me" and indicative of potential foul play to benefit Communist interests, given Patton’s staunch anti-communist stance.


Despite the swirling controversies, Robinson's campaign remains confident about their prospect in the governor’s race. They believe that voters see through what they describe as manufactured controversies.

"North Carolina voters know better and they’ll see right through it when they elect Mark Robinson governor in November," Lonergan stated confidently.

Mark Robinson's tenure as Lieutenant Governor and his candidacy for Governor has been marked by his endorsement of various conspiracy theories and his making of inflammatory remarks. Despite the backlash from some sectors, his campaign underlined the support from significant figures like former President Donald Trump and expressed confidence in the insight of North Carolina voters regarding the authenticity of the allegations against him. As the race continues, it remains to be seen how these factors influence his political future.

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