Marvel Graphic Novelist Enlists Law Enforcement Officer To Illustrate Pro-Police Publication

 January 8, 2022

Now here's something you don't enough of, a public figure affiliated with a global entertainment brand boldly supporting the men and women in blue.

Not only is Mike Baron, author of “The Punisher,” “Nexus” and “The Flash” supporting Police with a new graphic novel titled "Thin Blue Line", he enlisted a real live Police Officer to Illustrate it.

Unfortunately, "Thin Blue Line" was not picked up by any publisher which is no surprise. But author Mike Baron didn't give up that easily. He started a Kickstarter campaign which easily reached it's goal. Since it did so well, another round of fundraising has been started on IndieGogo. If you would like to contribute and be a part of this awesome publication, check out the campaign by clicking here.

Even if you aren't into this kind of thing, its important to support anyone willing to take a risk by standing with those who stand for others!

Take a look at the unapologetically pro-police promotional video below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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15 comments on “Marvel Graphic Novelist Enlists Law Enforcement Officer To Illustrate Pro-Police Publication”

  1. Law & order must prevail!!! Liberal judges, prosecutors, politicians should be censored and or removed from office and replaced with people who will uphold and prelate the the Constitution of the US. Period!

    1. Stop the trash especially George 'the felon and former Nazi collaborator' Soros who has funded as in bought over a dozen DAs and AGs that are very soft on crime. He must be gotten rid of as in him and his family kicked out of our country and sent back to his birth place Hungary to stand trial for his crimes!!

  2. It's amazing to see the Progressive Liberal Left propaganda machine throw all that inclusiveness, equal everything, away and become the NO FREE SPEECH, cancel culture, virtue signaling, intimidation and SOCIAL JUSTICE NAZI's they hide behind all their indoctrination lies and narrative in public. One day maybe those poor tools will see they are actually everything they say they are fighting against and see themselves in the IRL mirror. As for right now, we just have to continue to be able to spot the finger pointing, ear piercing alien screaming POD people that live among us, ready to cause the next BLM or ANTIFA HATE purge that will kill hundreds, loot billions $$ and burn our homes, neighborhoods and cities to the ground.

    There will be a time for common sense and the truth, balance and peace, putting the real monsters back in Pandora's box and artists and others like Mike Baron are the way to help get there.

  3. As the crime wave increases in ferocity across the country I think more people will start ignoring the few brainless big mouths that want to completely handicap the police and recognize their value to the country!!

  4. Well dang…….it’s about sick & tired of watching these jerks robbing & burning down someone’s hard work. People who had nothing to do with whatever their protesting that hour. Also tired of the political idiots that let them (in their words) blow off steam🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬


  6. I'm a Vietnam VET. I have always supported our HEROS! IN BLUE! I'm tired of all thoses IDIOTS! attacking our OFFICERS! THE! STUPID mayor in San Franscisco finally OMITTED! they need to fund the police again! OH! is that because your city has turned into a TOTAL! CESS POOL! Ain't KARMA! a B#TCH!

  7. AWESOME!! Just awesome! Violence, just in the last few years, has escalated to the point of insanity, and that thin blue line is the only thing standing between us, the law-abiding, civilized citizens and the insane rabidly violent and murderous monsters out there. Bravo to everyone involved in bringing this important work to the public!

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