Middle School Forces Teacher To Remove Thin Blue Line Flag

A Washington middle school teacher was forced to remove a Thin Blue Line flag from her classroom by the assistant principle.

The teacher was told in no uncertain terms that if she refused to remove the symbol, she would face "further disciplinary action."

In Memorium

The teacher, who works for the Marysville Middle School in Marysville, Washington, had the Thin Blue Line flag displayed in her classroom in honor of her brother. She also had a pride flag on display in honor of her sister.

Her brother, Chris Sutherland, is a survivor of the Marysville School shooting and one of the Law Enforcement Officers first on scene.

For the past 75 years, the Thin Blue Line has honored those who have lost their lives in the line of duty. The black and white American flag with a blue line for one of the stripes flies in support for Law Enforcement.

However, the Marysville Middle School assistant Principal at the time had a problem with the symbolism. According to KTTH, the assistant principal said there were “concerns about how students, families, and community members might interpret what the image is intending to communicate and that this interpretation may cause a disruption to the learning environment.”

However, nothing was said about the pride flag.

Take It Down

After awhile, the objections subsided and the teacher once more hung the flag. However, later that year, a different assistant principal ordered the teacher to take it down.

“They told her that it’s controversial to have that flag up. That it makes kids and staff feel unsafe, which to me, that does not make sense at all.”

Chris Sutherland

Sutherland said that the HR department sent his sister a letter explaining why it needed to be taken down, citing that this flag is a political symbol. However, any pride flags and BLM symbols are allowed to be put up throughout the school.

In fact, any symbolism aligning with leftist politics were considered appropriate because they were "in line with the district’s stated goals of equity and inclusion".

School officials cited the January 6th attacks on the Capitol and other far-right groups as to why the thin blue line flag has become political and connected to violence.

The teacher and her brother, along with many community members and parents, are upset by the school's decision.

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93 comments on “Middle School Forces Teacher To Remove Thin Blue Line Flag”

        1. Two negatives turn into a positive. " Did not learn nothing" would mean that they learned something, but what was it they learned?

      1. A friend of mine towards the end of her career had to buy her own American flag and she taught the Pledge and sang God Blees America at the beginning of every day! She never caved!

        1. Let's back this conversation up, just a bit. If the school district's policy is "left leaning" and they are all in support of blm, antifa and gay whatever, then it's time for a BIG CHANGE in that school district's structure. Number #1-start by kicking the school board OUT; number #2-get rid of the principle and the vice principle and ANY teachers that are of that political mind-set. Elect and install a patriotic minded school board and hire new administration. Patriotic American minded educators are out there, so elect and hire them and get rid of the garbage trying to "indoctrinate" our kids.

        1. A punk? Holy crap, the man made a good point but is now being torn apart for it for a simple error. Talk about 'disruption to the learning environment'. Just keep deflecting, it shows where you're main point is, not in what really matters.

    1. At my granddaughter’s graduation from high school, the Principal stood up on the stage, said the Pledge of Allegiance and never put his hand over his heart. He never should have had anything to do with schools. I almost went up there to show him the right way to be an example to those students!
      Enough of these near traitors that have never served a day in the military. I am so tired of them!

    2. Had you gone to school?
      You'd prefer a communist nation, do you? Better go back to relearn the USA CONSTITUTION 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    3. HOME SCHOOL MY Friend. No more HOMO, Anti christian , communist and anti American views. YOU will be in complete control of what your child learns

  1. I would tell the school principal she will remove the thin blue flag when all blm and gay agenda flags are removed, but if not get a lawyer because I will sue and win!

    1. I agree but, you want to sue the teacher NOT the TAXPAYER who fund the school ! You can vote to remove any person or persons who are not fit to work in the school.


  3. It’s time for everyone to put on their big girl panties and stand up to the bullies. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Free speech shouldn’t make anyone feel unsafe. BLM makes me nervous but I wouldn’t infringe on their right to free expression. They shouldn’t infringe upon others either.

    1. BLM is a terrorist organization intent on continuing the hate among races in America. Nothing good comes from this organization. Their intention is to overthrow the government in the U.S.

  4. Yep if her glad has to go so should every other flag in the school.
    Another clear case of do what I say not as I do.
    Still trying to mold our children I am so glad mine graduated before they were brain washed. I feel sorry for all of you and yours. Man do I !!!!

    1. Oh it is worse than you think. Third graders being given sex education, seventh and eighth graders being taught oral sex (I call that child abuse). The other day there was a picture of a little girl that was twelve years old that was about to deliver and day was a ten year old.
      Wonderful education system we have, huh?

      1. Difficult decision for parents today deciding whether to take their child out of public school and place them in private ethical schools or home school! HAPPY my Kiddies didn't face today's perverted public school mandated teaching curriculum😥🙏

  5. I would take this a lot further , I would get this all over the place. We the people have to stop the Communist take over of this country.


    1. Where were you last summer when all the riots looting and the killing went on in the Democratic run cities. Where those mayors allowed BLM to destroy they’re cities you’re part of the problem.

      1. I think you guys misunderstood Gene’s comment. I believe Gene was saying the blm flag is tied to violence. You all just want to jump to conclusions

      2. How about rereading Gene’s QUESTION. If there was a period at the end of the sentence, it would mean he didn’t think the BLM was violent. However, there is a question mark at the end and the inflection goes upwards on the last word in the sentence, which means incredulity. Now play nice.

      1. Good God. Reread his post. There is no period at the end of the sentence which would mean he thought BLM was not violent. There’s a question mark at the end, which means he’s incredulous that anyone would think the BLM group wasn’t violent. Read the post as a question. What’s wrong with you folks?

  6. Principal is a bad influence on the students and should be removed. That teacher is supporting law and order even forgetting that she lost a brother that she loved and honored.
    The Boards of education and most teachers are out of control and we wonder why children are acting out. Just look at the people are teaching them.
    If I had my way the Ten Commandments would be all over the place in schools. I invite the so called educators to pick just one that is not right.
    The American flag should be in every classroom and the Pledge of Allegiance should be taught as early as possible. Note: If principals and office workers can’t say the Pledge with their right hand over their heart maybe they better find a job that fits better.
    The story of how The Star Spangled Banner came to be should be taught right along with the song. It is a great story of heroism and love of country.
    Sex Ed should be left to the parents!! Stranger danger should be taught and children reminded of that each year!
    Civics should be brought back. I have no doubt that the teachers will have to have a refresher course.
    (This is my rant for the day. I am weary of children choosing the wrong path.)

    1. Really like what you said! Your a Real Patriot, appreciate you speaking out for all to hear! The Public School System is broken! Sad to see our kids being indoctrinated into Socialism, no wonder things are haywire nowadays! The Socialist Loving Left will destroy anything that's good and decent for power and their thirst for taxpayer money, they never have enough to push their warped agenda/s!

    2. I for one really feel deeply thankful to our small town Ohio school district. The other day on Facebook they posted several pictures of Meet At The Flag Day at the school. The pictures showed a large portion of the parking lot covered by students respectfully honoring our flag with thier heads bowed. I truly miss this kind of display. The kids and staff are wonderful.

  7. The Assistant Principle and the Principle should be sued by this teacher! She has a very good reason for the sticker and flag and is a good example for the kids she teaches! Are those in power at this school socialist/communists?

  8. American schools are chock full of radical worthless teachers as well as administrators. Clean the liberal riff-raff posing as educators from our schools, fumigate them and start over again.

  9. When are we going to demand some civility back into our society, or better yet, rid us of the cruelty of the IGNOERANCE abounding?!?


  11. It appears the states surrounding DC are nothing but Liberal Democrats that milk and steal from the Federal Government and us tax payers. I think it is time to think about moving the US Capitol to the middle of the country from Liberal bastions and corruption.

  12. The reason they gave her why she needed to take down the flag was a lie. Not even close to being true. Having children exposed to these mentally deranged liars is a tragedy.

  13. They should defund the school. The US public school system is the laughing stock of the whole world. They teach activism and critical race garbage while the CHineese are number one in the world in math, reading and writing skills. It's time to gut the entire system and fire every socialist teacher. Our universities are even worse and staff by long time commies.

  14. Funny the school allows flags and such for those who do not know any thing about the Bible and terrorist yet wont allow the flag supporting our police. I might understand if the police killed any where near the number killed in Chicago by black gangs. Hope the police do not respond to a call for help if the school calls them. NO SUPPORT NO RESPONSE.


  15. So it's alright to support BLM. A group that riots and burns down cities and attacks police and puts them in the hospital but but not the police who protect innocent citizens?!!! Good education explores both sides of any issue. And what does that have to do with Jan 6th? By the way investigations have shown that there were agitators in the crowd to make the peaceful protestors look bad. .. If you can't display a Blue Line flag then you can't display BLM or LBGT flags either.

  16. Fire the principal! Bad for the students. This is really the core of disobedience and anti American training!
    All those that do not fly the flag and say the Pledge with their hand hanging like a wet noodle while the pretend to honor our country and flag should be removed and never be allowed near children!

  17. It's about time that we clear the learning establishments of socialist liars. Teach the truth, it isn't pretty at time, but it is what happened.

  18. It is so sad that a school district would restrict such a patriotic symbol for law enforcement. Now wonder children are killing other children if they can’t get the drugs they want for the money they have. This school n]board needs to be called down for this action. As long as there is an American flag in the room I see no difference why they can’t have something that stand for community protection. No wonder these kids grow up without any respect for the law! This is a reminder of why they are safe in schools! Such idiots on the school board. Wife of a twenty years veyerson who served his country for these type of freedoms.

  19. It's sad what is happening in our schools today. I remember when I was in school we said the Lord's pray and the Pledge of Allegance. It was awesome that they had the thin blue line flag in the classroom.
    Then to have it taken away is terrible. If you get a chance I want to share this with you. Type Diamond Rio In God We Still Trust. When that comes up you scroll down and see a picture of it. If you don't see the main person singing it, just click on it and it will bring up more pictures of it. And when you see the main person on the picture click on that. It will bring up the band and you can watch them sing that song. It is totally awesome. I even found how I could get the words for that song and printed it.

  20. When you have 1 conservative teacher for every 3 leftist democrats, this is the type of schools you get. Where are the parents that support this teacher? The only way to change the direction of leftist schools (which are indoctrinating the students) is for the parents to show up at the school and use their voice to stand up to these communist policies.

  21. What do you expect from liberals in the state of Washington? This is America and we do have freedom of speech. Or don't those assistand pricipals know about our constitution.

  22. And God forbid they have a school shooting and are in need of the police. Suddenly they will be changing their tune when referencing the police.

  23. Perhaps it's time for only the U.S. National flag to be allowed to be displayed. These BLM. LGBT, and others do not belong in the schools which are funded solely by U.S.Tax $$$$.

  24. My son is in the Army at the moment! When I was growing up, I think I said the word COP or slang popo one time and that was one time to many. I got my you know what handed to me for that one! My parents, and rightly so, informed me that the uniform goes on and you respect the rule of law, the person wearing it as well as upholding it! Period! With your words and deeds! I instilled those same principles with my son growing up. He sat in the same classrooms with the same negative influence that the rest of these kids are sitting but as parents and guardians, Grandparents. We need to instill the same respect and love for law enforcement as well as the military as many of ours did for us! We also need to be at those school board meetings removing the teachers and principles who refuse to adhere to the dictates of our country! This is not a communist or socialist regime! This is a free system and that has been pulled back, by the skin of our teeth I may add from the brink if we do not want it to jump over the edge into the abyss then we all must work together !!!

  25. Please deliver the names, addresses, car license plate numbers to the police statewide. They obviously don’t need that kind of protection.
    If their houses are invaded, their cars stolen, they are attacked on the street, don’t bother to call for help. You obviously don’t like police nor need them….fix things yourself!

  26. police officers are not part of the national socialist coalition and flags honoring them are not tolerated. for now, rainbow flags are tolerated until they are not.

  27. They are upset with the decision? How about getting furious and fighting back? Make a stink. Hammer the school principal and school boards. Get the parents involved. If you just roll over this will never stop. We’ve been silent far too long in the hopes it will go away, or we’re too worried about being called names. Silence is consent.

  28. If the school has a problem with the flag supporting police officers, then they have school without police presence. Also the terrorist flags for BLM and The fruit flag need to be taken down throughout the school, or else they are promoting and supporting terrorists and terrorism.

  29. Has the Higher Education brain washed our kids, who now are Principals, Superintendent's, teachers so bad that could think or even feel that way. The United States Flag, with a thin blue line. Means thousands of men and women would give their lives for yours to be saved. Is there a few bad cops. What profession doesn't have a bad apple. This teacher who refuses to take it down, good for her.

  30. Bunch of nonsense. If you are supporting the police, great. If you are not. You are an idiot. Any person with a half a brain knows that less police leads to more crime. Look at all cities now. BLM are the ones where the leaders used money to help black communities. Instead they used violence and the money to buy big houses, expensive cars, and other nonsense. Just like the Covid package. Billions of dollars were used for other unrelated things. And the ever so popular Inflation Reduction Act. If you buy an electric vehicle. If you can afford one. You get a small discount. If you use it in California, you may not be able too. Save electricity. Do these people ever think? Or is it just a never ending mess? Looking at some of the incompetent leaders. It’s no surprise.

  31. The thin blue line stands for law and order that is what this administration is Not for. Look up steps to Socialism/communism. of 10 steps America is in 8. If we vote Democrat America will go down, the steps are take away statues, and symbols, done.divide the people , done. Get rid of free speech , done for conservatives and doctors, that say the shot kills people, rubber like rubbery clots in arteries , nothing in them that has a blood make up has,, weird they are not blood clots. 20 years olds dropping dead all over the world, and kids, athelets, and drs. They are depopulation people fa ici and G ates know this don't take the shot or bus ters.


  33. Interesting so they made her take down the flag with the stripe which is a show of support for police, ems, etc. BUT there is zero mention of making her take down your Gay flag!!! Hmmmm So much for free speech! I bet this school administration is against the police but would be the first to blame the police if there were a shooting incident at this school. Proof positive that Democratic Marxist Liberalism is an indoctrinated and a mental illness = BRAIN WASHING!!!!!!

  34. These delusional teachers are a far cry from what we had, we had teachers when i grew up they now have brainless puppets from the left that will cry for the police when they need them, maybe they should call a social worker instead

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