WATCH: First Responders Launch Effort To Rescue Father, Children Trapped In Vehicle During Flood

 July 19, 2021

Warm weather can dry everything out, from plants to the ground and streams. In places like Phoenix, which hit 118 degrees, the hellish hot weather was quickly followed by monsoon rains.

Swift Water Rescue

Firefighters were called to rescue a man and his two daughters trapped on the roof of their car, surrounded by floodwaters. The Golder Ranch Fire District said that its swift water rescue team went to the location west of Cataline at 10 a.m.

According to KGUN, they were grabbed from the top of the car after the water quickly carried it away. The family was driving down Edwin Road when the water rushed in, sweeping them away.

The waters began rising near the Cochise Springs Road intersection. Adam Jarrold, a GRFD spokesperson, said the waters carried the car for around 20 to 25 yards away from the crossing.

All three family members were not injured.

Monsoonal Rains

Monsoons are typical for this time of year in the region and happen when low-pressure areas see moist air coming from the sea. The pressure build until the clouds can no longer handle it, triggering the monsoon.

In 2019, the area around Coconino County, near Phoenix, was the victim of the massive Museum Fire. As a result, the area sustained burn scars, many of which have yet to grow new vegetation.

This area, in particular, received an inch of rain while the surrounding areas got over 2.5 inches of rain. Burn scars make the ground less susceptible to water absorption.

According to the National Weather Service, "The fire burns the soil, which can no longer absorb water after a blaze, acting as a "repellent" just like "pavement." Which, of course, is terrible news for torrential rains.

According to Accuweather Senior Meteorologist Ken Clark, "Any time major fires burn large expanses of land, heavy storms bring an increase in flooding, mudslides and debris flows in and near the burn scar."

Deep Flood Waters

It can take up to two years for the vegetation to regrow, leaving areas vulnerable to swift floodwaters every time there is heavy rain. In some areas, the floodwater was at least a foot deep.

Thankfully, the firefighters rescued everyone in this case without any injuries to themselves or the family.

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  1. Just an idea, and I admit I have no expertise in this area, but after a fire, couldn't they bring in equipment to till the soil so it's not a solid barrier?

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