Multiple Infantry Battalions Deployed To Secure Evacuations From Kabul

 August 15, 2021

As the deadline to pull out of Afghanistan approaches, additional troops are being sent to help pull embassy civilians out of Kabul. At the same time, more troops head into Qatar and Kuwait as additional resource teams.

Kabul Battalions

According to the Defense Department, three infantry battalions are making their way to the airport in Kabul. The team's objective is to clear out the civilians in the State Departments' embassy.

Simultaneously, 1,000 more troops are going to Qatar to assist with processing immigrant visas for Afghan interpreters. According to Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, a combat team is also going to Kuwait as an on-call reaction force to combat the ever-advancing Taliban.

As the U.S. pulls out, the Taliban continues to move forward with their attempts to take over capital cities throughout Afghanistan. Their advances lay the groundwork for an eventual takeover of the country.

“I want to stress that these forces are being deployed to support the orderly and safe reduction of personnel, at the request of the State Department, and to facilitate an accelerated process of working through SIV applicants. This is a temporary mission with a narrow focus.”

John Kirby

Battalion Specifics

According to Kirby, the battalions consist of two Marine units and one Army. On Thursday, he expected them to be in Kabul by the weekend. However, Kirby did not specify the exact units nor where they came from.

All battalions will report to Rear Adm. Peter Vasely, who is in charge of Afghanistan Forward. His mission picks up where Operation Resolute Support left off.

The 1,000 troops in Qatar will be helping with medical screenings and other parts of the SIV process to move it along faster. However, the process is dragging on since there are thousands of applications to approve.

Sometime in the next week, a brigade from the 82nd Airborne Division is going to Kuwait to secure an airport there, though Kirby did not name the specific airport.

Withdrawl Deadline Approaches

The deadline to completely withdraw from the country is at the end of August, a deadline that Kirby says the additional troops will not stay past.

Kirby said after the mission, "we anticipate having less than 1,000 troops on the ground to support the diplomatic mission in Kabul, which we all agree we still want to be able to have."

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23 comments on “Multiple Infantry Battalions Deployed To Secure Evacuations From Kabul”

  1. Issue RPG's like penny candy. Expect constant truck bombers. Not everyone will take a helicopter to the airport.

  2. Ok at least seize our equip back & set charges to cyrpto comm gear alone IF possible & issue arms & ammo to Army??
    Or destroy if Taliban is near

  3. Here we go again ! A stupid moron communist liberal Bull xrap Biden shafts a friend. This time to a very harsh evil enemy that would rather kill you then talk you ! Millions will die and at the same time women will be treated harshly once again . Thst has approved By a group of left wing American sickos Who claim they care about women's rights ! To hell with bull crap Biden, Nancy the witch P. And the rest of the lying a holes ! No one in our gov. Gives a crap about women's rights in Afghsnistan !!

    1. Tom. I agree with your entire comment, except one comment: your concern seems only to be for women. What about our men? Or are they just no longer important in this recent world? I am concerned about our Americans. Let the other countries take care of their own.

  4. I am ignorant as to why there are thousands of evacuees at the American Embassy. What are thousands of Americans in Kabul to begin with? Why cannot Americans stay in America where they belong? Or...are the evacuees actually immigrants they wish to bring into America? As I said, I am ignorant as to this. Can someone please educate me on this?

    1. Proably more potential "democrat" (communist) voters to be "implanted" here.. I would bet you are on the money that they are only "evacuees" ready to be CONTROLLED by the "deep state" as their "reward".

  5. Does the withdrawal mean that the American and possibly other ally soldiers were wounded and died for NOTHING. Sure seems that way to me ????

    1. Are you old enough to remember the fall of Saigon? Here we go again. In my opinion, this "WAR" was just another way to CONTROL THE POPULATION. The "war" is winding down, SO now we have the "control-us virus" "JAB" to continue killing off more of the American people. (just as "Mr. MANDATORY vaccine", amnd "mark of the beast" bill gates said, telling the on national TV, that "HIS" vaccinations will control the worlds population)
      Apparently it is working as thousands are dying from the "JAB", (and being furiiously "covered up" by the :"deep state operators", big pharma, and the communist bought and paid for "media"

  6. I would like to see how long Joe Biden could handle being in the Army Barracks. I bet by day 2 he would be crying for his Mommy, also having Bullets go over your head and hearing the sound makes you cringe because it could have ended your life

    1. Day 2 ? I'd bet he'd be crying for Mommy in the first five mins of getting off the bus . Before getting to the barracks . The DI would look at him and he'd be crying .

  7. I hate this, sending our men and women back into combat in that God-forsaken place. All I am saying is that the Taliban and Alquadi better not shoot at a single Soldier or Marine or American or interfere in ANY manner what-so-ever or we should then bring down hellfire and brimstone down upon their heads and turn the area they are in into glass! Man, Biden just really screwed up again.

  8. I'm saddened that things turned out this way in Afghanistan, with all the blood and treasure our country put into it after 9-11. Upsets me when we leave all our equipment behind for the enemy to use! Also upset with the poor leadership under this Democratic Socialist Administration, which is creating all kinds of problems and issues for our country to deal with! Seen a flash a few minutes ago that the Taliban was in or near the Palace in Kabul, which isn't good! Not a fan of John Kirby the spokesperson for the Pentagon, who was also in that post during the Obama Administration. May God Bless America Again, we need it!!!

  9. How much longer will we tolerate the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ticks, how much more of our country will we allow them to do to us?

  10. China Joe does it again.. We need to clear the entire demoCOMMIEcrat off the face of the earth!

  11. Such a shame what our military is going through. And we are sending more. Sending our troops to slaughter. Afghans turned very quickly. Why didn’t they destroy the US equipment rather than turn it over to Taliban. We are fighting against our own resources. What cowards the Afghan are. Maybe they aren’t all that concerned about the Taliban to just quit 20 years and all those billions wasted. How many terrorists are we bringing back to our country and our allies. I am one furious American about what is happening and for putting more of our military at risk. Couple of really big bombs on them

    1. The US History is repeating itself. Remember Viet Nam? Now Afghanistan. Each of these adventures were 20 plus years of a drain on our country’s treasury. Hundred of Thousands of young lives negatively impacted. For what purpose?

    2. I totally agree with you. All of the Rinos in the Republican Party and the stupid Democrats in Congress need to stand up to Pelosi, Schumer, Obama, Harris, and Biden and finally tell the truth. Get all of the lies and harm they have committed straightened out and get rid of them.

  12. The best idea now that the 60,000 Taliban terrorists have come out of hiding is to invade and kill every single one of them. Then simply leave.

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