Objective Peach: The US Army 3rd. Infantry Assault On Baghdad

 July 7, 2021

The events of 9/11 changed the course of American policy and the direction of the American Military. Allies and Americans alike decided that Saddam Hussien was too large of a threat to global and regional balance to stay in charge.

Invasion of Afghanistan

When the American military went into Afghanistan, they went in with fewer troops and more strength than during the Gulf War. Technological advances helped with the precise attacks on the area.

The Coalition planned a pronged attack with the U.S. Army's 3rd Infantry Division approaching from the west side, while the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force hit the east.

Great Britain's 1st Armored Division was to take Basra with the 101st Airborne Division coming up behind the 3rd Infantry. In front of all these units was the Iraqi army and surrounding Bagdad was the Fedayeen irregulars and the interior was defended by six divisions of the Republican Guard.

Since Saddam never thought that the Coalition would attack, and most certainly would never try to take Bagdad, especially since we did not in 1991. He never thought the Amercians were a threat, and considered Shia and Iran the biggest threats, and he believed counter intelligence that they were attacking from the other side.

Objective Peach

As Coalitin forces moved closer to Bagdad, it became clear that taking the Euphrates was critical, enter Ojective Peach. The Iraqis saw it as a way to slow down the American forces.

Lieutenant General Raad Hamdani had instructed his men to blow up the bridge if they even thought they aw Amercians approaching. But his chief of staff told the bridge commander that Saddam had order that the bridges were not to be destroyed.

The 3ID tanks doubled their pace when they saw the bridge was still standing. They moved with precision into the city, taking out anything that stood in their way.

The Iraqi's attempted to take a stand with 200 troops firing on the 3ID . Alpha Company swiftly removed the obstacle. Before any counter attacks could be formed, the U.S. sensors spotted them and jets took out the targets.

Liutenant Colonel Rock Marcone and his troops had covered half the ground from Karbala to Objective Peach by then. Hamdani went back to Bagdad telling Medina's commander to hold on until reinforcements arrived, but Medina's 14th Bridgae did not exist anymore, and his comments were in vain.

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