Off Duty Cop's Training Kicks In As He Leaps Into Action To Save A Life

First responders are all trained in life-saving techniques, such as CPR. Whether they are at work or spending the morning at home, they jump into action when needed.

A Morning Off

Bakersfield Police Officer Lt. Christopher Knutson was enjoying a Wednesday morning off at this home in northwest Bakersfield.

At 8 a.m., he heard loud banging on his door and his doorbell being rung.

"I open the door, and it's one of the landscapers, and he tells me, 'mi amigo...mi amigo in the pool,' so immediately my heart drops," said Knutson.

He ran as fast as he could to the backyard and over to his pool. Jumping over the safety fence, he dives into the pool.

Water Rescue

The landscaper was in the water, with his leaf blower keeping him under the water. When Knutson got there, the landscaper was lying at the base of the pool with his eyes open.

He was still with no signs of distress. At that moment, Knutson feared the worst.

"So, I get the leaf blower off of his back I swim him up to the top. I push him up to the top of the deck, I climb out, I check him, he's not breathing. There's no pulse, so I immediately start CPR."

Lt. Knutson

Saving a Life

Drowning can happen quickly, so Knutson moved as fast as possible. He kept performing CPR on the landscaper in an attempt to resuscitate him.

Knutson says it all happened so quickly and "it was kind of surreal."

"And after about a minute he started, he started spitting up water coming out of his mouth. A lot of water was coming out of his nose. I checked him again, and then he had a pulse, and then he took a big gasp of air, and that’s when I realized I’m like, ‘I think this guy is going to be okay!'”, Knutson said.

Paramedics arrived and took the landscaper to the hospital. The landscaper was cared for at the hospital and released a week later.

Doing His Job

Thanks to the officer's quick thinking and reliance on his training, the landscaper is alive and back at work.

First responders step in to help whenever they are needed, whether they are working or not. They are happy to do the right thing and help those who cannot help themselves.

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