Off Duty Firefighters Save Lifeless 3-Year Old From Drowning

Last updated: August 7, 2022

Water is dangerous for anyone, but it can be lethal for little ones, even if they are wearing floaties.

Right Place, Right Time

Off-duty first responders Lieutenant Kandice Oltz and Firefighter Paramedic Jennifer Oltz were enjoying a day off and were getting ready to go paddleboarding at Dania Beach's Whiskey Creek. The Coral Springs-Parkland Fire Department Lieutenant Kandice Olz heard some noise.

She looked in the direction of the commotion and saw a man coming out of the water carrying a motionless child. He and his family had been boating.

The Little boy was blue.

According to Coral Springs officials, "The three-year-old was still wearing his floaties. Kandice was with her wife Jen, who communicated to the family in Spanish, letting them know she and Kandice were first responders."

Saving a Life

The two first responders knew that they had to move quickly. Thankfully, they were not the only first responders there that day.

 “Kandice swiftly took the child and laid him down on the sand, while Jen, and coincidentally an ER nurse that happened to be close by, assisted,” officials said. “Kandice pinched the boy’s nose, blew one good breath into his mouth, and saw the chest rise. The ER nurse took over, providing breaths, while Kandice gave the tiny boy chest compressions.”

After a little while, the boy began to breathe on his own, gagging first. Kandice rolled him to his side when he did, and he spit up the water from his mouth.

Once his color began to return, Kandice picked him up and made a ran for it up to the Hollywood Fire Rescue. The team took over the care of the little boy.

Looking After Him

The little one was in good hands. However, according to city officials, "Kandice exchanged numbers with family and paramedics on scene and has checked on the little boy making sure he had no long-term deficits."

Kandace and Jen have little ones of their own. In fact, they were there during the whole emergency response.

“After this occurred, Kandice and Jen then had to answer a LOT of questions from her young twins who had witnessed the entire incident. As stressful as this might have been for all of them, we are sure they are as proud of their mom as we are.”

City Officials

The Coral Springs City Commission recognized both Jen and Kandice for their heroic actions.

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6 comments on “Off Duty Firefighters Save Lifeless 3-Year Old From Drowning”

  1. Great job ladies! You are the people that get little if no recognition. I see the writer of this article had to beef it up with her wife, letting us know they are a gay couple. Your merit was saving a child's life not letting the world know your gay. Live your life as you wish but you don't need to advertise your lifestyle for credit.

  2. So nice to read a good story that actually described First Responders as Heroes serving for the good of the community and the fact that the little boy was saved.

    1. They've lifestyle doen't need to come into the story as it is irrelevant to saving the boys life. Why would a wtiter decide to add such personal information

  3. GREAT job by these two wonderful Paramedics and the ER Nurse. Glad that these three individuals were there to save this child's life.

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