Miracle Rescue: HALO-Flight Team Reunites with Boy They Saved from Choking on Christmas

By Ethan Cole on
 November 22, 2023

In a heartwarming reunion, members of the HALO-Flight team met with a little boy from San Diego, Texas, whom they had saved during a Christmas crisis. On that fateful day, the boy had been choking on a small marble, which led to the immediate call for help.

Thankfully, when traditional methods failed to remove the obstruction, the skilled HALO-Flight team managed to save the child's life by administering a strong sedative and placing an endotracheal tube in his lungs.

As a result of their heroic actions, the boy was able to fully recover without any lingering deficits. The team's quick thinking and expertise not only saved the boy's life but also gave his family the best Christmas present ever.

With gratitude in their hearts, the family celebrated the boy's third birthday on January 26, thankful for the second chance at life.

In summary, the HALO-Flight team's life-saving efforts led to an emotional reunion with the young boy they had rescued.

The child, once at the brink of a tragic outcome, is now healthy and active, all thanks to the team's dedication and skill.

This story serves as a testament to the vital work of emergency medical professionals and the importance of swift action during critical situations.


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One comment on “Miracle Rescue: HALO-Flight Team Reunites with Boy They Saved from Choking on Christmas”

  1. They must have removed the marble before they could intubate him as the et tube goes into the airway.

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