Off Duty Police Officer Stops Gunman

By Ethan Cole on
 November 18, 2021

Imagine sitting down to get your hair cut on your Saturday afternoon off and having a gunman burst in and shoot your barber. That is the exact scenario one Baltimore police sergeant was faced with.

Stepping In

According to The Baltimore Sun, the officer grabbed his own gun, fired upon the shooter, and killed him. The suspect, Carlos Ortega, 38, was also tied to the shootings of two more people that day.

Javier Villegas Cotto, 44, died from the gunshot wounds while the second gunshot victim had critical injuries. According to investigators, Ortega would up at The Bladi Style barbershop at the 5700-block of O'Donnell Street.

That is where he shot and killed Rafael Jeffers, a 33-year-old barber, around 3:16 p.m. According to Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison, the officer, who was in plain clothes, was not injured.

Harrison told reporters that the officer showed "great bravery" throughout the ordeal. "This is something the average person wouldn't do," Mayor Brandon Scott said. "And this is something that our officers do each and every day in the city of Baltimore."

Scott pointed out that the gunman could have killed many others that day if the sergeant had not stepped in. The gunman could have very well continued his shooting spree throughout the city. Thankfully the sergeant was there to stop him.

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11 comments on “Off Duty Police Officer Stops Gunman”

  1. Isn't Baltimore one of those cities that want to defund the police? Just think what would have happened if that officer wasn't there. More murders!
    My guess is that BLM and Antifa will start their usual B.S. and decry that Mr. Ortega had his rights violated.
    The officer is a hero and should be rewarded for his bravery and quick response to the incident.

  2. Wasn’t this a case of white supremacy even though the officer was black? The policeman sure should be in jail. He should have let the gunman alone. It’s not the gunman’s fault he was having a bad day. Shame on the police.

  3. Imagine what one second of hesitation might have been. Thank you for your service (BOB80VA) and Baltimore is all my ancestry. Thank you!

  4. Well, it's good the cop done what the tax payers "PAY" him to do. He just didn't set on his tush and do nothing.

  5. DUMB CROOK ! Ashes to ashes dust to dust if you did not shoot the barber with a armed police officer sitting in the chair you still be with us .If Democrats would stop shooting people shootings nation wide would drop by 90 %.

    1. A racist, not possible, he was black. Only us white folk are racist, according to the Dems and main stream media. How could you not know that?

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