Mortally Wounded Detroit Police Officer's Partner Never Left His Side As He Died

 July 9, 2022

Being a police officer in today's climate surrounding law enforcement is incredibly difficult. Add in the insanity that is the crime wave in Detroit and it's unimaginable.

This was proven by two incredibly heroic Detroit Police Department Officers who were ambushed while responding to a call of shots being fired in the area of Marlowe Street and Joy Road.

Officers Loren Courts and Amanda Hudgens arrived on scene and staged themselves at an intersection. Moments later, gunfire blew out an upstairs window of a nearby building. Both officers vacated their patrol car and moved towards the chaos. That's when the gunman ambushed them, mortally wounding Officer Courts.

"They approached the building, using their training and their tactics, and they were ambushed,... The first officers arriving were ambushed by this gunman."

Detroit Police Department (DPD) Chief James White

After being struck by gunfire and as additional units arrived on scene, Officer Courts attempted to gain cover but he had been hit in a major artery. He collapsed to the ground while his partner, still in danger from the shooter, put herself in danger to render aid.

"Officer Courts, struck, attempted to gain cover, but he was already hit in a major artery,... He was dying. He collapses down on the ground. His partner, Officer Hudgens, began to administer first aid. Other officers on the scene tried to give them cover."

Detroit Police Department (DPD) Chief James White

Officer Hudgens continued to render aid even as the gunman left the building and began to move towards her. Instead of abandoning lifegiving care, Officer Hudgens continued with no consideration of her own safety.

Tragically, Officer Courts died from his wounds. The gunman was killed by other officers as he moved towards Courts and Hudgens.

Unfortunately, leftist policies in Detroit have created an environment where no on is safe. This includes law enforcement officers, who face criminals emboldened by the anti-cop movement. Hopefully officer Courts death will not be in vain, though in Detroit it is unlikely it will lead to any meaningful change.

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13 comments on “Mortally Wounded Detroit Police Officer's Partner Never Left His Side As He Died”

  1. RIP & Love for Officer Courts. This is the word for Officer Courts. Hoping everyone will find the respect this officer deserves. He only had one to give and he left it right here. God Bless.

  2. RIP Officer Courts !!!! There are several scum responsible for the violence committed against law enforcement but none so responsible as obama with his destroy and divide agenda. He promoted violence not only against law enforcement but against all Caucasians. obama should be indicted for his actions against the U.S..

    1. Pray that these senseless killings of the men and women who choose to protect the people of our country stop
      Give back the protection and rights to the officers who risk their life’s daily for the protection of life’s of our family and friends
      These are people who risk their life’s to save the life’s of others daily
      They should be honored and given every thing they need to be safe as they make this a safer world for you and yours
      Who do you call when you feel threatened
      (Even if you said to get rid of the police)
      Our great police officers whom you call for
      May God open the eyes of all the people to see
      We need our policemen and the great service and protection they give
      God Bless America and all the people whom still want a nation under God.

  3. Detroit,New York,San Fran. all cities that support anti police movements any one that wears blue in these cities are very courageous officers god bless you, thank you for your service

  4. What a disgrace!This brave officer and fellow officers have to sacrifice their lives this way.The entire lot of insane electeds there need to be replaced.My heart goes out to his loved ones

  5. Shoot and kill all criminals. Take no prisons. Stop babysitting the gawdamn criminals. Shoot them until they are dead!!

  6. Another proof that we need criminal control, rather than the gun control being forced by the idiots in “control”.

  7. There are not enough words to express graditude to these
    officers. It is tragedy that is beyond words. We must
    as a nation support law enforcement and get the
    anti-american, anti-safety, anti-lawenforce politicians
    out of office. Some of these politicians should be
    put in jail and the keys thrown away.

    1. Jail, yes. Then transported to GITMO! Let us pray for the family and friends, the police department of this fallen, murdered officer struck down so young, courageous and beautiful. RIP. Pray for those left behind in tears and suffering his loss. His partners who tried to save him. God have mercy, Grace and blessings for all good citizens of our country ravaged by ill-meaning politicians and radical government.

  8. My deepest sympathy to Officer Courts family of blood and blue. Officer Hudgens thank you for trying so hard to save Officer Courts life, I pray you will be ok mentally . Thank you Officer Courts for your service, RIP 💙🙏🏻🖤💔😢

  9. What Amanda Hudgens did was truly a loving and awesome gesture for a fellow officer.
    She tried so hard to save him despite the dangerous surroundings they faced.
    My condolences to the Courts family.

  10. 10 to 1 odds the leftist insane radicals will try to make the assassin of an upstanding law officer into another Floyd George.

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