Baltimore Police Officer Ambushed, In Critical Condition

By Ethan Cole on
 December 17, 2021

Officer Keona Holley of the Baltimore Police department is in critical condition after she was ambushed while sitting in her patrol car.

The gunman walked up behind the car and opened fire, striking Officer Holley multiple times. Investigators believe Officer Holley had the presence of mind to put the patrol car in gear and drive a short distance away.

In a disturbing video posted to Twitter, it appears that a man and woman followed the Police car to where Officer Holley had crashed. The man taking the video makes some disgusting comments before other Baltimore PD Officers arrive and begin rendering aid.

This video is a prime example of criminals being emboldened by the anti-police rhetoric. The number of Police Officers shot in the line of duty is on the rise and that is a tragic statistic.

Officer Holley has two young daughters and a department rooting for her recovery, we join them in that and send them our thoughts and prayers.

You can see the disturbing footage of the aftermath below (NOTE: graphic content and language). Let us know what you think in the comments.

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27 comments on “Baltimore Police Officer Ambushed, In Critical Condition”

  1. Find them but don’t bring them in. They resisted arrest before the world got better. I am so furious with the liberals placing our officers in this danger. From the politicians to the newsies, they are all guilty!!!

  2. I hope that the SOB taking the video is the next victim of gun violence and no one calls for help for his sorry ass !!!!! Sorry not sorry !!! Karma baby is what he deserves !!! Praying the officer pulls through !!!!!!


  4. Typical of Baltimore Democrats! If Democrats in Baltimore stopped shooting people the shootings in that city would drop by 99.99%.

    1. If globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep quit shooting people in demonrat run/ruined cities the shootings in those demonrat run/ruined cities would drop by 99.99% .

  5. I hope the perp is caught soon and he / she elects to commit suicide by cop.
    No need to release the dirt bag on bail.
    As far as the film maker, there's gotta be a law that he can be prosecuted for depraved indifference or some such. His comments are not free speech !!
    Thank God the woman commenter doesn't wish the officer to die.
    Apparently someone in Baltimore still has some humanity and morals.

  6. My prayers go out for Officer Holley that she recovers physically as well as mentally. Her brothers and sisters in Blue have her back.

  7. Until the real criminals in our government are brought to justice things like this are going to happen even more often! People that hurt others are sick and brainwashed

  8. It is too bad the libtards in Maryland got rid of the death penalty. This ambush and the critical condition of the police officer is clearly the result of lenient democrat policies. We can only hope and pray she survives. When the perp is caught he/she deserves the harshest possible treatment.

    1. This video and remarks make just prove how evil globalists and their puppets; $oro$ and demonrats and their libby snow flake sheep are .

  9. More blood on the hands of communist democrat Bkack lies Matter and the nazi antifa. Hang these bastards high. The rule of law matters not Marxist fools. Let' s go Brandon ! Biden made this happen and does not care.

  10. Lord we pray for you forgiveness of this officers sins and if it be your will to heal her. Lord bring America back to its senses and to seek thy forgiveness.

  11. Get well Officer Holley. Praying for you and your family. GOD, please keep Officer Holley in your care, give her strength to keep her fighting to get well. Give her the strength to fully heal and return to her loving family. Amen.

  12. Interesting. A black man's voice demonstrating the attitude of too many idiot blacks. Also, blacks are 13% of the population but create 65% of all violent crime. They're too stupid to understand that since they comment more violent crime, they're going to be arrested more often than any other race. The race baiters play this up as racism. Blacks kill other blacks at a rate of about 300 times more often than police kill blacks, and for good reason 99% of the time.

  13. Baltimore is sludge pot of the US and should be taken over by the national guard. Anyone who films this attempt to kill officers should be fined and incarcerated for a long spell to think over how corrupt they really are. When the blacks get in trouble they should call Al Sharpton, Obama or the blm terrorists.

  14. If the woman doesn't call the police and identify this piece of sh_t, then it shows how much integrity, self-respect, and morals she has. Hoping for a speedy recovery for the officer. Vote deomrat this is what you will keep getting.

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