Baltimore Police Officer Ambushed, In Critical Condition

Officer Keona Holley of the Baltimore Police department is in critical condition after she was ambushed while sitting in her patrol car.

The gunman walked up behind the car and opened fire, striking Officer Holley multiple times. Investigators believe Officer Holley had the presence of mind to put the patrol car in gear and drive a short distance away.

In a disturbing video posted to Twitter, it appears that a man and woman followed the Police car to where Officer Holley had crashed. The man taking the video makes some disgusting comments before other Baltimore PD Officers arrive and begin rendering aid.

This video is a prime example of criminals being emboldened by the anti-police rhetoric. The number of Police Officers shot in the line of duty is on the rise and that is a tragic statistic.

Officer Holley has two young daughters and a department rooting for her recovery, we join them in that and send them our thoughts and prayers.

You can see the disturbing footage of the aftermath below (NOTE: graphic content and language). Let us know what you think in the comments.

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