Off Duty Heroes Run Into Burning Truck To Save Driver

 October 8, 2020

Those with the mindset of a first responder aren't able to turn it off when their shift is over. Heroes jump into action and save a life anytime, anywhere, even in the face of great danger.

Recently, two public servants displayed this mindset. They happened to be bystanders of a horrific car accident, but they didn't stand idly by for long.

Daniel O'Bierne, a corrections officer and volunteer fireman, ran to the vehicle even as it caught fire. Daniel used some of his clothing to smother the fire on the drivers body before pulling the him to safety.

Jordan Reed, an emergency physician assistant with EMT experience and a truck driver, reacted quickly. He grabbed a fire extinguisher and ran to help Daniel. After rescuing the driver and extinguishing the fire, O'Bierne and Reed carried the man to the side of the road. Reed retrieved some water bottles from his car and along with others standing by, cooled the victim and washed the the fire extinguisher powder away. They cared for the victim until an ambulance arrived.

Daniel and Jordan each gave the other credit for the response and care that was given to the driver. Strangers with different skills worked as a well-organized team to help a stranger in need.

"Everything went as smoothly as it could for a bunch of strangers," he said. "It was all-around a team effort. There is nothing that I would have changed.


Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky. Often, there are no off duty first-responders already at the scene of an accident. However, when they are, these men and women respond instantly in the face of danger to help those in trouble.

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