Protests Erupt After Police Shooting, Officers "Guilty" In Court Of Public Opinion With No Due Process

In what has become common practice, protests have erupted after Jayland Walker, 25, was shot and killed by Akron police on June 27.

Of course, these protests and calls against law enforcement have occurred before details of the shooting had been released to the general public. This highlights a major issue with the anti-police movement, where cops are automatically guilty in the court of public opinion before any due process takes place.

In this particular case, Jayland Walker was shot up to 60 times after police say he refused to stop his car and then shot at them while wearing a ski mask. Although he did not have the gun with him as he ran, Police Chief Stephen Mylett said the video showed Walker appear to reach for something at his waist and turn as he ran, prompting the police to fire.

If Jayland Walker was, in fact, reaching for a weapon as he ran away from the police, then it's understandable why they would open fire. However, until all of the facts are released and an investigation is completed, we shouldn't be so quick to judge or condemn the officers involved. Jayland Walker made some poor decisions that night, and unfortunately it cost him his life. But we don't yet know if the officers acted inappropriately or used excessive force, so let's not rush to judgment.

"It was difficult to watch, and shocking,... I’m not going to pass judgment [until the investigation is completed]." Police Chief Stephen Mylett

Footage of the incident can be seen below, though be warned it does contain graphic content:

Let us know what you think of this latest shooting and how the anti-police movement is taking advantage of the situation before an investigation has been completed.

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15 comments on “Protests Erupt After Police Shooting, Officers "Guilty" In Court Of Public Opinion With No Due Process”

  1. If someone is dumb enough to shoot at the Police.....this is what He's gonna get, and should get. Support the Police

  2. Again, we see a total disregard for law and order. These people have been brainwashed into thinking the laws of nation and community do not apply to them. Brainwashed by family, associates, and leftist democrats. Those in power never want to recognize the law enforcement officers who are murdered in ambush and routine traffic stops. That is apparently acceptable if the perpetrators are of color. Liberal socialism and its adherents must be destroyed, not just defeated in elections, otherwise, like a Phoenix it will rise again. Wake up and witness the rise of the Fourth Reich. The war is not figurative, the war is very real.

    1. My thoughts exactly. Masked man shooting at the police , running to hideout and get rid of the mask. And then walking off like nothing happening with him.

  3. In another article, it shows during car chase, Walker firing at police. The lawyer for his family, even told of 3 other times recently that Walker had ran from different police officers and wasn't pursued in a car chase. Apparently the man wears a ski mask quite often,so he can claim plausible deniability and can't be easily identified. His actions cost his life. After seeing aprox 30 min.of video, IMO the officer's didn't do anything wrong. Lives are lost due to criminals ignorance and refusing to follow simple instructions. PLAY STUPID GAMES, WIN STUPID PRIZES

  4. I bet his wife will have questions as to why he took off his wedding band, and why he was wearing a ski mask. This kind of ignorance is what leads to death. If you are so dumb as to fire a weapon at the police, you deserve to be shot as many times as law enforcement chooses. To the cops it wouldn't have mattered whether you're black or white, the fact you shot at them warrants your death regardless of color.

  5. Excellent shoot out. The officers protected the community, them selves. These officers deserve a metalmofmhonor for chasing after a gun man that shot at them.....

  6. The officers should be chastised for wasting perfectly good ammunition. I'm tired of hearing about some mung brained mouth breather getting himself shot because he is too sub IQ'd to follow simple police commands. He was first seen in the car with a pistol. When he exits the car he apparently left the gun behind. Apparently the police believed he still had the weapon so when he appeared to be reaching for a weapon the police were perfectly justified in shooting him. I am not aware of any police procedures that require officers to wait to take bullets when a subject is apparently reaching for a weapon to be used against them. Maybe we need to rethink our education system. Instead of teaching our children that being a transvestite is cool, we should use that time to educate them on how to behave during a police encounter. It would be good to start these lessons by the 3rd grade because so many who need this education will have dropped out by then. Maybe we are seeing the birth of a new cottage industry. A family decides to have the most useless of its members draw fire from the police and if they kill him file a civil suit under the threat of burning down a city for millions of dollars.

  7. The problem is people are quick to pass judgement against Law Enforcement before all of the facts are out there. As a retired Law Enforcement Officer I am here to tell everyone, until you’ve been in that situation you do not have a damn clue what you’d do. I have seen cases where I said I would have done this but then I was in a shootout and it’s totally different. I was almost stabbed by a woman that was walking down a state highway in her night gown and she was covered in blood, but I handled it in a manner where she was safe and we were all safe. The worst thing in the world is people and there damn cell phones. They do not get the whole incident from start to finest but then they put it on social media and/or turn it over to the news media and they only pick out parts that they know people want to watch. There theory is if it bleeds it reads!! Everyone needs to let the investigation play out and let the DA and/or grand jury decide on what should be done. Officer’s lives are being ruined by people when people do not have a damn clue on what they are talking about!!

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