Convicted Murderer On Early Release Murders Police Officer

 June 28, 2023

Originally published October 5, 2021 - we will never forget the ultimate sacrifice of Officer Risner.

Early release of prisoners has become an increasing "solution" to prison overcrowding. However, cutting criminals' sentences short can have devastating consequences.

Alabama Shooting

According to WAFF, Brian Lansing Martin, 41, was convicted of fatally shooting his father ten years ago. However, Martin said he shot his father in the chest in self-defense.

He pled guilty to a manslaughter charge and was sentenced to ten years. However, he only spent three years in prison.

Now he is accused of shooting and killing a man on October 1st. He reportedly drove away in the man's car, leaving the victim in the street. Officers did not know that the man was dead before arriving at the scene.

Car Chase

A witness at the scene took a picture of the vehicle as it drove away. Sheffield officers saw the car and followed it toward a busy Walmart Sergeant Nick Risner used a PIT maneuver to stop the car.

After, the shooter fired upon police officers killing Sgt. Risner and injuring Sheffield Lieutenant Max Dotson. However, Dotson was not injured due to his ballistic vest, according to Sheffield Police Chief Rick Terry.

Sgt. Risner was a U.S. Army veteran and was with the Sheffield Police Department for eight years. He left behind his wife, Brandy, and his 18-year-old, Aili. Chief Terry expressed how upset he was when he found out that Martin was a convicted killer released from prison early. According to Muscle Shoals Police Chief Clint Reck,

“The justice system failed not only Sgt. Nick Risner, but his family and everyone who has been affected by his passing. This incident should have never happened, because a coward who should still be in prison was walking the streets."

Chief Terry

Outrage For Risner

According to Muscle Shoals Police Chief Clint Reck, Martin could not have a firearm legally. Reck said, "We're upset, period. This guy had access to a gun, shot somebody in a vehicle, and then shot at multiple police officers."

Billy Risner, a former Lauderdale County Sheriff, and Sgt. Risner's brother said he is "extremely angry at the judicial system."

“This man got sentenced to 10 years for manslaughter and was released within three years. If he would have served his 10-year sentence, my brother would still be alive. My brother would be alive to save someone else. My brother would be alive to help somebody else tomorrow.”

Bill Risner

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83 comments on “Convicted Murderer On Early Release Murders Police Officer”

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  1. Leave it up too the sick Democraps . Defund the police , release them because of the coronavirus , give them early parole . This is what the Democraps wanted . Now they're releasing criminals that should spend the rest of their lives behind bars ..what's the percentage of prisoners that have been reformed after being in prison..

    1. What a dumb statement. The Democrats had nothing to do with hs sentencing nor early release. You need to take a brain supplement and a really. really strong one!

      1. People like you are the problem. Want to handhold these useless idiots. But your attitude will sure as hades change when it affects a member of your family/friends.

        1. he will cry the victim of the police like all the other violent criminals. The Gun law should have kept the gun out of the hands of that felon on early release for a violent crime. Guns cause crime and flies cause garbage!

          1. Guns do not cause crime. Criminals cause crimes and guns are available through illegal means all the time. That is how most criminals obtain them to use in crimes. Felons are not allowed to have guns, but they don't follow the law or they would not be committing crimes or illegally obtaining guns.

      2. What do you mean, the deomorats are the ones pushing for early release, defund the police, shorten sentences. And at least this individual has a brain unlike idiots like you.

      3. Brian Lansing Martin supposedly fulfilled his sentence receiving over six years credit on his ten year sentence for 'good behavior.' That is a democrat reward system, giving a person that much time off their sentence. The guilty, especially ones who commit homicide, need to serve at least half their sentences. You need to look up the facts before denigrating someone else for being dumb. You might also want to learn to spell properly.

      4. Just who do you think has been attacking the police? Look where the most crime is! Chicago, Seattle, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, etc. All run by Democrats and all anti police. What a sad time for the citizens of those communities.


      1. We have it Proceuetrs do not like to enforce the law as it costs to much and people will not put them where they belong.

      2. Remember the Wild west days? you kill, go to court and if found guilty, take them out back and hang them from a big tree, game over. they didn't have the problem we have today. How did we go from immediate justice to what we have today? you can thank the lawyers.

        1. MISTAKES is why the law changed to many people that were hung immediately were later found not can't bring back the dead & say your sorry

    3. No life sentence behind bars for taxpayers to support. Bring back the death penalty in ALL states. If convicted, enforce death penalty within 2-4 weeks. . . or less.

    1. An infinite number. This is what the Dumpocraps want. Those that disagree need to be dead. I like shoot on sight

    2. it will end the soon as harris and biden and nasty Nancy Pelosi leaves the White House and until than it will only get worse.

      1. Seems like there is always another Far Left Socialist Politician/s to replace their deceptive destructive folks currently in leadership positions! Hard to imagine, but sometimes the new Folks are worse! Too bad that the politicians on the Right Side of the Isle can't ever stick together, like The Socialist Loving Left and the so called Independants that caucus with them! Too many RINO's (Republicans In Name Only) that stab their Conservative Partners in the back! Very frustrating!

        1. That's because the good guys' open season hasn't started yet. We are many! The bad ones, well, they are few.

    3. If a DemocRAT will kill a baby they could care less about innocent civilians you could not get more innocent than a baby! Abortion is Democrat-sanctioned murder!

  2. The judicial system needs to be more conservative. They need to remove every perso on the parole board. They are just as guilty of these murders as the killer!

    1. Didn't see this before my remarks. Finally some one who can read and then make an intelligent statement amongst all the ignorant ons. Thank you.

  3. This "practice" is becoming commonplace, since the FRAUDULENT "election", and "installation" of the two "deep state" controlled chinese communist bought and owned "puppets" dementia-Joe and the constitutionally-ineligible "anchor baby HO", "heels-up-harris" . That are no more than "figureheads" as the communist "handlers" and CABAL control the country.
    Here in COMMUNIST-RUN N.Y. State (thanks to "emperor" cuomo's (and now his "successor", the "empress"), "bail reform" law remains in place that coddles the criminals, and boots them out of the prisons, CRIME has exploded as the criminals are released into the streets to do what they do best (the excuse AGAIN is due to the "control-us -virus") Gives the democommunists an EXCUSE to enact more unconstitutional "gun control laws" to disarm the law-abiding citizens for easy "takeover".
    As WE are told to "shelter in place", "social distance" get a POISON spike protein "JAB", as well as the "boosters", and wear the useless "face diapers", as the "deep state exerts MORE CONTROL, and POWER over the frightened"SHEEPLES"

  4. The more violent criminals are released the more police and American citizens are killed. A happenstance the democrats are only too happy to see. The more police and citizens die the better for democrats. They have our replacements already streaming across our southern border.

    1. The answer is to keep the
      you-know-who’s off the Bench!
      Their disgusting leftist -liberal sicio-communistic babble has POISONED our Trial and enforcement processes!
      And They’ve poisoned & destroyed the teaching system in America !
      Something MUST BE DONE to stop them .

  5. Whoever was responsible for the release of the murderer should be sitting in the cell with him. He is responsible for the officers death as much as the killer and the taxpayer is probably paying his salary.

  6. Maybe if they paid this scumbag money not to fire a gun this horrible act would not have happened. That's what a couple of states believe is the solution! How stupid are these liberals?

    1. These idiots have no regard for life , and neither do the democrats that choose to behave the way that they do .

  7. This is what I have been bitching about for years. The politicians want to let violent criminals out early, just so they can look like they are doing good, like helping the prison overcrowding problem. I still can't figure out how the law, will let a person convicted of killing someone, out of prison early. Yet fight tooth & nail to have someone who was convicted of having 6 ounces of pot serve their entire sentence.
    Murder = 20yrs. out in 7 . Possession of pot = 15yrs. out in 14. Go figure.
    I feel that ANYONE (from the dog walker all the way up to the president) who had any kind of connection with letting this person out of prison, should all be made to pay the family of the slain officer at least $500,000 each. And the person who made the final call to let him out, should be charged with accessory to murder. Because THAT is exactly what they did (help him commit multiple murders) by letting him out. That officer & the owner of the stolen car, would STILL BE ALIVE TODAY, if someone had not let him out of prison EARLY.

    1. BAR ASSOCIATIONS across the USA are mute on these issues. Judges, who have obviously read the history of such a criminal should be convicted to share the blame, receiving an equivalent or more stringent sentence. Banish such jurors to an island penal colony.

    2. Because they refuse ti bring the death penatly in to the court, then they let them appeal for 20 or more years. Enough of the liberal way start executing then after 2 appeals.


    1. I agree.
      I feel that if someone is sentenced to die. They should get only 1 appeal that is to be concluded within one year of sentencing. And if that appeal does not overturn the previous ruling, then the sentence of death should be carried out within 24 hours.
      There is absolutely no sense in someone spending 2,5,10,20 years on Death-row. At our expense, I might add.
      They were tried, convicted & sentenced. Quit screwing around because you are squeamish.
      JUST DO IT.
      Call me a hard-ass if you want. But that is how I see it.

  9. "Overcrowding" is another excuse to hide the real reason. The real reason is called "the spirit of lawlessness".

    1. Miss Kennedy: Sorry to but in. But is your statement aimed at a particular person, or at this site?
      I am behind you 100%. If you want to be left alone. That means just that, You want to be left alone.
      If it is the site. Block it as spam & report it as such. If it is a person, contact the site moderators about the harassment towards you.
      Just my thoughts kiddo.

  10. God bless the officer and his family.. but the only ones to blame for the shameful killing of the officer is BIDEN AND HARRIS.. just a few months ago VP harris released a murderer from New York.. when will it end???

    1. These politician will only understand the pain, cry and loss of the family members of the officer who are killed on duty , till the politician God forbid go through such experience and pain themselves.

  11. Not to mention any names, but not to long ago, a police officer, doing his job and a criminal accidently died, was charged, tried, convicted and sentenced for murder. Someone, doing their job, should now be charged, tried, convicted and sentenced for murder. Just say'n!!!!!!!



  14. A sentence of ten years should mean ten years. A death penalty should mean death, not parole when you find religion supposedly

  15. If people want to stop this madness vote for Republicans'........Trump offered crooked eyes support and she declined..

  16. The total IDIOTS on the left love to release murderers back into the public after decimating the Police force that protects us. What could possibly go wrong??? Our Country is Circling the Drain under these liberal Morons running many of our cities!!!!

  17. This matter has gone beyond dangerous. The Democratic policy is screw you,we'll do want we won't to do M. Garland is a ATG that will follow lap dog Biden. This curoption has a long history and will not be stopped with out Americans stepping up and i know will risk everything but our future is at risk.

    1. And democrats want to defund the police. HOW STUPID. Defund The Police Obviously Has Been Shown to Screw Us, The ones paying taxes that need protection from this type of murderer and the willing advocate that let this garbage on the street again

  18. You take an incident which had nothing to do with politics and turn it completely political with all your totally useless, dumb statements. Parole boards need to stop these early releases. Only serving 3 out of 10 years after killing some one is insane and the parole boards need to be held accountable. Try to understand what really happnd befroe spouting off like idiots. Maybe your mother or an old school teacher can help you if you had any schooling at all. From reading your comments, it doesn't sound like it.

  19. Those prisoners should have been made to double up in a cell.....sleep on the floor .and they would manage to kill one another...poof! one or two daily...gone!...

  20. This is why they either serve the full time or we need to start with the death sentence being enforced , not after 10 years of appeals.

    1. I go for death penalty. Why feed, house, give medical/dental, education to hard core murderers indefinitely, then release so they kill again??

  21. Whoever released the felon MUST be charged as accomplice. These leftist terrorist Obama scum do not follow law they make it up based on their evil opinion. START MAKING THEM PAY FOR THEIR FAILURES. EXECUTE JUDGE WHO RELEASED FELON.

  22. New rule...whomever let's a person out of jail early and that person commits a crime...THAT person must go to prison.

  23. Ok first off we need term limits for all elective office posts, just three terms, NO PENSION, no working for lobbyists after office at all! That would be a good start. Then if you use any troupe of weapon to kill anyone, you get life without parole, if that person is a first responder on the job, death penalty with only one appeal. If you wound someone, anyone for any reason, a minimum of 5 years time to serve.

  24. This is a major part of society’s problem. Commit the crime, do the time. Violent offenders need to be locked up. No plea deal, no early release. Get them off the street, period. The deterrent of prison life has gone away due to the leftist ideology that the criminal is somehow the victim. That’s all BS. Lock them up.

  25. Time for the parole board and the judge that signed the order to pay a price! Why have a jury if you are going to change the decision? This fine officer would be alive if you had done your job!!! A
    Family would not be mourning, the public would be safer if not for you!

  26. God Bless this family and all the officers. Our justice system is failing the American citizens and the caravan people because no one is in our local DAs office and the Governors. We have the same problem in CA. Open borders is costing us lives, closed businesses, defunded Law Enforcement, closed hospitals and lots of citizens who lost their jobs are homeless but Democrats are supporting the illegals and giving them jobs. God Bless America. Support the BLUE.

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