Robbery Suspect's Mother Drags Him To Police Department And Refuses To Post Bail

 February 25, 2022

Never underestimate the wrath of a mother... especially if she is your mom.

An 18-year-old Chicago college student learned this the hard way after his mother recognized photos of him posted to social media after he robbed a conductor at gunpoint.

The student was identified as Loyola University sophomore Zion Brown, an Economics major.

Apparently, Brown was "hungry" and wanted a snack before class. He witnessed a conductor handling cash on the train as it pulled into the station. Brown then pulled a BB gun on the conductor and stole $110 in cash before heading to class.

Police pulled images of a masked Brown from surveillance footage and posted them to social media. From there, Browns mother identified him and dragged him to the Police department and forced him to confess. She also refused to post bail.

Good job mom! The world needs more citizen heroes like you. Hopefully Zion will learn that crime doesn't pay.

Let us know what you think of this stellar mom in the comments below.

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34 comments on “Robbery Suspect's Mother Drags Him To Police Department And Refuses To Post Bail”


      1. Sounds to me it was a spur of the moment decision, but the mother is the kind of mother ALL kids should have. She is honest and loves her son enough to put him on the right path. Kudos go to her!!

        1. I agree with Eleanor. This is a GREAT mother who loves her son. .Its called "tough love" and I am sure it hurt her terribly to do that, but Love always wins!

      2. Don't be so cruel. First time offense and your ready to end his life entirely. I just hope he learned a big lesson. Have a heartπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

  1. I think its great this woman is a TRUE PARENT to many so called parents arent parents they are porople that had kids there us a VERY BIG DIFFERENCE

    1. i agree with the statement Robert made. Todays parents want to be friends with their children which makes them a bad parent. Teach your children what you learned growing up.

  2. I commend this woman for what she did, her son and anyone else who would do something like armed robbery needs to know we citizens will no longer put up with the lawlessness attacking our nation and will do what is needed to stop it

  3. Dear oh dear lol πŸ™‚ What a mum, my question is that with such a strict mum how come he did not have cash for snacks ?

    1. He probably spent it on BULLSHIT !!! Being irresponsible,but I'm sure if he was hungry he could have ate at home before class !!!

    2. My mum couldn't afford to hand us money for snacks and she made our school lunches. We all 5 survived our ''deprivation'' very well.

  4. NOW, THAT'S A GOOD MOM !!!! She loves her son, and knows he MUST face consequences of his actions !!!!! It just might change his direction in life and save him in the long run !!!!!!!

  5. I guess you don't have to have a brain to get into Loyola University? Kudos to the mother for turning her sorry ass son into the police and for not posting his bail !!!

  6. These are the days of "lawlessness" in America.
    They will probably will release him without bail and a "promise to appear".

  7. If more parents would stand up for what is right and teach their kids right from wrong - there would be less crime.

  8. way to go mom! I would have done the same thing. These kids now a days have no clue how hard life will be and parents need to start at an early age. Im old school you miss up you will feel the wrath

  9. God Bless that mom for turning her son in, I’m sure it broke her heart to do it but she is to be commended. Hopedully her son will learn a great lesson and be able to tell his story when he interviews for a job.

  10. The proff of how much this Mother loves her son is by the actions she took in making him take responsibility and suffer the consequences of a very bad decision. Bravo to this Mother. She deserves all respect and admiration possible. Her son has a chance to learn the hardest lesson he will ever have to learn. It certainly was the most difficult thing this Mother has probably ever had to do. Praying for her to continue to be strong. Her son is very lucky. He may not think so now, but one day he will not be able to thank her enough. From another Mother of four grown sons. You have my total respect and admiration.

  11. It states he wanted a snack before class. He took $110 from the conductor so he could have Lobster after class. At least his mother knows right from wrong. Thanks MOM.

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