Robbery Suspect's Mother Drags Him To Police Department And Refuses To Post Bail

Never underestimate the wrath of a mother... especially if she is your mom.

An 18-year-old Chicago college student learned this the hard way after his mother recognized photos of him posted to social media after he robbed a conductor at gunpoint.

The student was identified as Loyola University sophomore Zion Brown, an Economics major.

Apparently, Brown was "hungry" and wanted a snack before class. He witnessed a conductor handling cash on the train as it pulled into the station. Brown then pulled a BB gun on the conductor and stole $110 in cash before heading to class.

Police pulled images of a masked Brown from surveillance footage and posted them to social media. From there, Browns mother identified him and dragged him to the Police department and forced him to confess. She also refused to post bail.

Good job mom! The world needs more citizen heroes like you. Hopefully Zion will learn that crime doesn't pay.

Let us know what you think of this stellar mom in the comments below.

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