BREAKING: Two Chicago Police Officers Shot In As Many Days

 March 20, 2021

First responders know they have a dangerous job. There is always a possibility that a suspect will pull out a weapon for police officers, whether it be a gun or a knife.

But, what they aren't prepared for is for bait and switch calls that lead to ambushes.

Increase in Shootings

In Chicago, an officer was off-duty and in his personal vehicle, sitting at a stoplight. It was about noon when two gunmen approached the vehicle and shot at him.

Police Superintendent David Brown said, ""We heard some rumors of a carjacking but we don’t know yet. the circumstances suggest several different scenarios of what this might be."

The officer was hit in the side. When officers arrived a the scene, they put him in a squad car and rushed him to the University of Chicago Medical Center for surgery.

According to Fox 32, the officer was in stable condition post surgery.

Reoccurring Theme

This officer is the second one to be shot in the last two days. A Gresham District Police Sergeant was shot while he was standing in the police station parking lot.

He was hit in the chin, but it was only a graze. He was treated at the hospital and released to recover.

According to Fox News, he was the first Chicago police officer to be shot in 2021. Brown said, in total, 12 officers have been shot at, but none have been hit before this incident.

Crime stats, in general, have been up in the city. Authorities say 38 people were shot and five people killed in the matter of a weekend.

Brown called for greater consequences for those who perpetrate shootings. He said, "there must be real consequences for violent offenders who choose to engage in gun violence not just against our officers, but all residents of our city."

Soft on Crime

With many major cities going soft on crime, criminals are becoming more brazen. With fewer officers on the streets apprehending suspects, crime will continue to grow.

However, as Brown so aptly put it, if the rest of the justice system does not hold these violent criminals and gangs accountable, it will not matter if the police apprehend them.

The continual catch and release game many cities perpetuate only increases crime and show gangs that there are no consequences for their actions. It also shows residents that no one truly has their backs or the backs of the officers.

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15 comments on “BREAKING: Two Chicago Police Officers Shot In As Many Days”

  1. Criminals don't have gun permits . Defund the police and we'll go back to the wild west. It seems there is no accountability anywhere, look at D C.

    1. The police should definitely be able to shoot for law & order.........Those DEMS that oppose those rights should be put in a uniform and sent out on the streets at night........

  2. Not a nice place to live or do business; unless you are a community organizer or Mayor, I'm guessing.

  3. Allow some civilians out there with middle east satisfaction and save the cops for the cartel stuff.
    Swear the old guard and vets in for target satisfaction!

  4. Restore their gun rights & this will stop that day. More guns in the hands of honest citizens,less crime. Abolish gun free zones so criminals will fear those areas.

  5. Officers, RESIGN en masse. Let the criminals take care of themselves. As for the rest of the citizens, you're allowing this to happen by not stepping up.

  6. Lightfoot is light on criminals, light on police fund. Criminal wins and stay there to be hurt and don’t cry because Lightfoot is deaf . Obama is far away so he can’t see, hear so no speaking because he now careless about the city the get him to the power. He is safe from this city now, why should he care anymore?

  7. These leftist don't understand anything about living in a free country! Just to stupid or to high everyday! These DEMONCRAT POLITICAN have bodyguard why? If they want to defund the police department then remove the guns from your bodyguard! CRIMINAL don't follow laws! That why police officer are on the edge a lot! If you believe these BLM fool then you are the big FOOL! BLM want their criminal out of JAIL or prison. Because they will kill or be kill!

  8. they keep it up and they will have no officers. it will be martial law. and then there will be the storm Tpr,s and secret police in their cities. just like Hitler &Stalin

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