Watch: Police Officer Uses CPR, Saves Babies Life

Officers are called to life or death situations more often than not. These situations call for them to rely on their training in order to save lives, as was the case in Massachusetts.

Desperate Situation

In Massachusetts, Springfield Police Department received a 911 call from a woman who said her child was not breathing. The call came in on April 20, around 11 a.m.

Officers Luis Delgado and Francisco Luna were sent out to the home. According to SPD spokesman Ryan Walsh, the baby was "motionless, and his skin appeared to be blue in color" when the officers arrived at the home.

In Walsh's statement, he said the officers started to perform CPR and oxygen support immediately.

Ryan Walsh: Twitter

Life Saving Measures

After a couple of minutes passed, the baby began to breathe gain. The little guy even let out some cries.

"These officers performed admirably in an incredibly stressful situation. I am so proud of them knowing that their action helped prevent a tragedy and credit to Mom, who did everything right."

Ryan Walsh

Th baby and his mother went to the Baystate Pediatric Unit for care and treatment. The mom informed the officers that her baby was doing well.

Mayoral Accolades

Domenic Sarno, the Springfield Mayor, went to visit the mom and her baby. He was thrilled to see that the baby was doing well.

"First of all, I am very happy that mom and baby are doing well; it was good to see them and see how healthy both were doing. Such a beautiful child and loving mother who has been through so much, I am so relieved that our brave and dedicated officers were able to respond in time and utilize their training to save the life of this precious child."

Mayor Domenic Sarno

Sarno also had high praise for the officers and the "simple tremendous" efforts they put forth to save the babies life.

"They were so calm, cool, and collected. Sometimes people forget that our police officers are not only brave, compassionate but also sentinels of peacemaking for a better and healthier community. God Bless and good health to both mom and child and Godspeed to these three Officers and all of our SPD."

Mayor Domenic Sarno

Calm Swift Actions

Even though this was a very scary situation, these two officers remained calm and focused on the task at hand. They leaned on their CPR training and stayed with it, until the little on began breathing again.

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