Routine Traffic Stop Goes From Zero To Gunfight In Seconds

By Ethan Cole on
 December 5, 2021

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9 comments on “Routine Traffic Stop Goes From Zero To Gunfight In Seconds”

  1. Too bad it took so long to eliminate him. Dangerous situation for the officers but they got the job done. Be careful out there ! There are morons just like this idiot riding around in cars with weapons everywhere.

  2. Another waste of a human ovaries...Good job Officers,saved city cost of a bs trial. Police Still do their jobs!

  3. As long as an officer hasn’t been injured it was a good day!! That character would have always been a danger even in prison.

  4. Only idiots in Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, LA, San Francisco want social workers to deal with criminals.
    And they cannot figure out why their crime rate has gone through the roof. Duh.........stupid is as stupid gets.

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