San Luis Obispo Detective Luca Benedetti Murdered While Serving Search Warrant

 May 16, 2021

Police departments across the U.S. have lost many of their brothers and sisters in blue over the last couple of months. In California, two different police departments lost two officers within a day of one another. One was in a city on the central coast.

Serving A Warrant

In San Luis Obispo, Detective Luca Benedetti went to serve a search warrant at a home. It was around 5:00 p.m.

The search warrant was for a man who police suspected was involved in a string of robberies over the last week. According to the department press release, it was a "knock and notice" warrant.

Benedetti and the other five officers identified themselves as police and waited for a response from the occupant inside the apartment. When there was no response, they forced the door open.

The suspect, Edward Zamora Giron, 37, began firing shots as soon as the officers entered the apartment. The officers fired back and began retreating from the residence.

Two officers, Benedetti and Detective Steve Orozco were shot. Bullets hit Giron from the officer's gunfire. However, he seems to have died from self-inflicted gunshot wounds.

Officer Down

According to Acting Chief Bian Amoroso, Orozco will recover from his injuries, but Benedetti died at the scene. Benedetti had been an officer for 12 years and with SLOPD since 2012. Previously, he had served with the Atascadero Police Department for four years, was a SWAT team member.

“I had the distinct pleasure of working with Luca over the past 9 years. He was a dedicated officer, a talented detective, a proud member of the San Luis Obispo Regional SWAT Team, and most importantly, a loving husband and father.”

Acting Chief Brian Amoroso

San Luis Obispo Mayor Heidi Harmon expressed her condolences and the community's heartbreak over the murder of the detective.

Community Support

In a press release, Harmon wrote, "Detective Benedetti loved this City and bravely gave his life so that we could live in peace and safety. "

“Luca’s children have lost their father, so we could be safe. We will hold Detective Benedetti and his family in our hearts forever," Harmon said.

A GoFundMe has been started by the San Luis Obispo Police POA and SLO Regional SWAT to help Benedetti's wife and two daughters as they journey through this impossible time. His funeral will be held on May 20th.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Officer Benedetti's family during this time.

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13 comments on “San Luis Obispo Detective Luca Benedetti Murdered While Serving Search Warrant”

  1. Its always a sad day when a fellow leo dies from a criminal act. Just as sad for kids and wife to lose a husband and father. Prayers for every 1st responder-we will see you again @eow.

  2. EVER SINCE OVOMIT cheated the election in 2008... this country has gone to the DOGS... and we KNOW WHO THOSE DOGS ARE... one day, they will pay dearly.

    1. They will never pay dearly on earth. They are rats that keep breeding and taking what is not theirs. They do not know how nor care to work for their gains. They only rip apart what has proven to be better than what they could ever accomplish.

  3. Teaching the 10 commandments in all public schools is the best way to prevent crimes like this. I have 2 grandsons in law enforcement. Praying the Rosary for the Unborn daily, Grandma Pat

  4. I am sorry for the family and friends of this officer. I thank him for his service. May he RIP

    I am glad the suspect is dead. Sorry it wasn't sooner and that he thought he had to take a good man out.

  5. When are WE THE PEOPLE going to end this violence? The ONLY peace they understand is violence. The ONLY unity they speak and prove by actions is separatism. The ONLY care for human life and humanity is taking lives by murder.
    VIOLENCE is all they understand, and peace comes with death!!!

    1. What has happened to America?! We have been the most blessed nation on earth, yet, we cannot get along with each other! Unfortunately, those who try to keep the peace, have become the most hated and disrespected! Far too many have lost their lives, while trying to save others! Police officers, like our military, deserve our UTMOST respect, because we cannot live without them! They have a job that is the most unpleasant of all and happy moments are few and far between. We are allowed to sleep well at night, because they are awake to watch over us! Can you imagine not having their protection for even a day? What would we do if they all decided to just quit their jobs? This crap needs to STOP immediately!!

  6. This has to stop. They need to stop taking tools away from our LEO. Dems have made our cops vulnerable. Then the perp takes the cowards way out. At least there's one less criminal taxpayers have to support for 20 years.

  7. What a senseless tragedy. A good man died doing his job protecting his community.

    Was the now-departed Edward Zamora Giron an illegal invader? Unlikely an American citizen would ambush the police for a simple burglary accusation. Once again our lazy, inept news media gives us half the story - and covers for the criminal.

  8. Math doesn't add up! (Benedetti had been an officer for 12 years and with SLOPD since 2012. Previously, he had served with the Atascadero Police Department for four years) Who does the proof reading for these writers? I personally stop reading anything with glaringly obvious errors! Why? Because, how can you trust ANYTHING in the story if basic FACTS are not correct? I work pretty cheap, and would be willing to proof read any writing piece for suitable compensation.

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