Police Reform Legislation Will Hinder Police Pursuit Of Armed Carjackers

By Ethan Cole on
 September 7, 2021

More and more state laws are standing in the way of law enforcement officers doing their jobs. For example, once, officers were able to apprehend suspects based on probable cause, whereas, in many current incidents, officers need confirmation before they initiate a pursuit.

In Washington, an officer cannot pursue an armed carjacker unless they know for a fact that the person driving the vehicle is the suspect. Officer blame the new law for hindering their efforts in a recent carjacking case.

Use of Force

A woman was held at gunpoint last week, and a carjacker stole her vehicle, said officers. They can still go after the suspect, but they have to be 100% sure it is the suspect in the car.

The Auburn Police Department took to their Facebook account detailing how their hands are tied in this situation.

“Without anyone observing the driver, identifying the driver or any other possible occupants in the vehicle, there was no probable cause for anyone in the vehicle regarding this robbery case. Due to the recent legislative changes regarding vehicle pursuits and use of force in Washington State, we were not legally allowed to pursue the vehicle.”

Auburn Police Department

Armed Carjacker

At 2:30 p,m. on Aug. 31, the APD was alerted to a woman carjacked near their substation on Lea Hill. According to the APD, she was driving a 2016 Lexus RX with LoJack, tracking, and the woman identified the suspect through a series of photographs.

One of the King County Sheriff's Office helicopters was employed with its tracking technology to find the vehicle. It was found backing into an apartment complex at 3 p.m.

Two men were getting out of the car, but officers could not identify either of them. One left, walking across the parking lot, while the other man got into the vehicle.

The officer attempted to stay with the car to identify the driver but eventually lost the car, and the helicopter had to refuel. Since they could not accurately identify the driver and did not have probable cause for a violent offense, they had to discontinue the pursuit of the stolen vehicle.

All members of law enforcement have to follow the new rules under HB1310, which ultimately let a car thief get away with the vehicle and there was nothing they could do about it.

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18 comments on “Police Reform Legislation Will Hinder Police Pursuit Of Armed Carjackers”

  1. The libtards are tying policemen's hands behind their back and still expect the police to protect them. The people doing the tying are complete idiots!!

  2. I applaud the remaining police depts around our great country for staying on their jobs under such dangerous, diminishing, racist rules. I thank them fir continuing to try to keep the real people of America safe.

    1. People don't seem to understand, that those that go into law enforcement, firefighting, medical first-responders & even the military, don't do it for the money. They do it because they feel that they can help make a difference. The politicians & lawyers are in it for the cash. A lawyer gets his money now & the politician gets his salary FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE.

      1. You got that right! My starting salary as a Police Officer qualitied me for welfare payments but we were not allowed to ask for it as it would look bad. Instead we worked other jobs to make ends meet. I know I worked full-time as a Cop, Full-time a running a Security Company that I hired only other Officers, and even grabbing any part-time work that I could fit in. I worked 40 hours running my Company, 40 plus hours as a cop, all without overtime pay BTW, and as much part-time work as I could fit in 7 days a week. Still barely got by. No wonder so many of us end up divorced! I did it because I wanted to help my community and have people feel safe.

  3. With all of the wildfires in California and elsewhere - people are wearing 911 out. Maybe the "First Responders" should just stop picking up the phone - Take a "Me Day". You are not appreciated anyway. On the other side of that coin - many stores have become so profit motivated (greedy) that they have fired their cashiers and replaced them with "self check-out". The combination of self check out and no cops coming does not seem like it would be real good for the "bottom line". Especially when they won't even prosecute you if you steal less than $900 worth of goods.

  4. This is what happens when people believe that politicians & lawyers know what is best & don't keep them in check. The criminals have far more rights than the cops or the law-abiding citizens. And to rub salt into the wound. It is the law-abiding citizens taxes & the cop's taxes that pay for the courts & lawyers for the criminals defense.
    The lawyers are taking away the ability for the police to do anything. Then the politicians are defunding the police because they aren't enforcing the law.
    One World Government, using their playbook page by page.

  5. Just another example of Democratic/Liberal thinking & way of doing. No police for general public,YET they USE OUR TAX PAYER $$'S FOR PERSONAL SECURITY. !!!!!

  6. The more I read the more I realize many of our cities and states are being run by mindless idiotic individuals. Crime on the rise solution cut the police force or at least tie their hands at enforcing the law. Brilliant move

  7. Before I day anything I was Cleveland Policeman back in the 70s and worked 100% of the time in a very hight crime area,,,,that said, the police today are a completely different animal then we were back then and the fact is they have brought these restrictions on themselves by being "bullies with badges" I am not talking about the vast majority of policeman but the bad apples have poisoned the whole barrel.

    For instance, If you look at many of the smaller police departments you will see people with "Tactical vests" that look like they are going into Omaha Beach. I didn't carry that much stuff in my flak jacket I wore in Vietnam.Yet when you check that particular police department you will find that that have not EVER had a tactical situation since their founding, yet they are putting people on the job who are just itching to get into a fire fight.

    The fact is You can't go to collage and become a policeman. You either a policeman or you are not and when these overly zealous people get out on the street and start high speed chases that end up hurting and killing bystanders the knee jerk politicians pass laws to stop them form overreacting. Unfortunately that also hobbles the good coppers from doing their job.

    Who's fault it it? I don[t know, but I do know this was not a problen 50 years ago when, trust me. People were far more violent and there was nothing like GPS trackers to locate hijackers like they have today. . . .

  8. If the fools who passed these laws call for help the police should refus to respond and if they do respond do nothing but watch. Take no action.

  9. This is absolutely STUPID! How in the world are Police supposed to operate. PC is what any reasonable man could believe but now that isn't good enough, you basically need enough for a definate conviction BEFORE you can even go near them, much less arrest them!

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