Suicide Bomber Who Killed 13 American Troops At Kabul Airport Revealed: U.S. Officials Missed Warning Signs

 February 6, 2022

After an investigation of the devastating attack on Kabul airport that killed 13 American troops in August, it has been revealed that the bombing was carried out by a single suicide bomber.

This information casts doubt on initial reports from U.S. officials that described the attack as "complex." The military's findings were released on Friday after an internal investigation.

The attack was said to be "not preventable" even though there were warning signs that the Kabul airport could have been targeted.

This tragedy has raised questions about the security at Kabul airport and whether more could have been done to prevent this attack. So far, there are no clear answers.

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the Kabul airport bombing though it is still unknown how they were able to smuggle a suicide bomber through security.

This latest terrorist attack in Kabul underscores the incredible danger that civilians and military personnel faced in Afghanistan.

Unfortunately, since the withdrawal, things have only gotten worse.

Let us know what you think of this turn of events in the comments below.

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15 comments on “Suicide Bomber Who Killed 13 American Troops At Kabul Airport Revealed: U.S. Officials Missed Warning Signs”

  1. Just another PREVENTABLE incident that joe and the ho are RESPONSIBLE for !!!!!!!!
    Those 13 lives as well as anyone else who has or will die in Afghanistan are on their bloody hands !!!!!!!!
    LET'S GO BRANDON !!!!!!!!!!

  2. The Democrats hatred for President Trump and the blooming idiot placed-in as President by fraudulent votes were directly responsible, including the spinless US Armed Forces top brass

  3. Biden DIDN’T care about the troops or people who were innocent civilians, all he gave a damn about was getting the pats and high fives from his lefty buddies for “getting us out of Afghanistan.” This should be evident with the treachery displayed when they pulled out of Bagram airbase in the night. So is it really a surprise that a suicide bomber got through in the midst of the chaos?! When it’s time to cut and run from the battle just put the Dems in charge. The party of treason will handle it every time!

  4. the only thing that we should send there are big things that go BOOM!!!!!!! Turn it into one smokin' hole in the ground

  5. #1. Support of all Law Officers in the US should be observed, otherwise you are creating an appearance of "easy crime"...which is actually a fact, where there is NO control, there will be less obedience. There are always going to be good, bad and indifferent in every position in almost all work places.
    #2. Our men and women of the US Military should be kept on American soil unless they are officially invited by those in foreign countries with the authority to do so...Who ASK for our help and NO sending our men and women to foreign countries to settle their internal problems, one group of one religion against fighting another group of another religion, period! An invasion of one country by another power is different.
    We lose too many of our sons and daughters who were fighting in and for foreign countries when little to nothing that's lasting is accomplished.

  6. Another murdering of our soldiers in Afghanistan which Biden is responsible for and should be held accountable in the courts and to all Americans. This man should be hung along with Obama and Clinton for the deaths in Benghazi.

  7. I believe Biden wanted to leave the Bagram Air Base for the Chinese (just an hour away by plane from the Air Base. So he pulled out the military first with no one to help the American civilians and the Afghan partners to leave peacefully and the military to leave last. My belief is that Biden wanted to leave the Dagram Air base for the Chinese and all our weapons. After all, BIDEN has committed TREASON WITH HIS FAMILY BY RECEIPT OF $31M+ from the Chinese including Pelosi, Feinstein, Stalwell, Schiff plus many others. The whole Democratic Party should be investigated as to who accepted money from China and throw in Mitch McConnell who is in bed with his Chinese wife's father in law in China who owns a shipping business and has given Mitch a lot of money.

  8. This was the first of many screw ups ,Biden has initiated since becoming President.In my personal no opinion Biden best move as as President would hide in basement and do or say nothing. His success rate at screwing things up are 1000 % and we still have 2-1/2 yrs of Bumbles to go

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