Suspect Throws Infant In Attempt To Evade Police

Last updated: August 6, 2022

Suspects will do just about anything to avoid being captured by police officers. Florida officers learned firsthand just how far a suspect would actually go to evade capture, going from a car chase to throwing a baby.

Car Chase

John Henry James was driving erratically through Vero Beach, Florida when officers attempted to pull him over. James would not stop the vehicle and let police on a high speed chase through a residential area.

Officers attempted to use roadblocks and other tactics to slow him down, but they were all unsuccessful. Once they used a spike strip, his vehicle slowed.

James, 32, stopped the vehicle in an apartment complex parking lot and fled on foot carrying a two-month-old baby.

Ultimate Distraction Tactic

James still was trying to escape the officers while running with the infant boy in his arms. In an effort to evade arrest, James threw the baby at one of the officers.

Indian River County Sheriff's Officer Deputy Jacob Kurby, caught the boy in the air. The baby was not harmed.

“I’ve seen some crazy stuff, but this is definitely up there. It wasn’t a nice underhand handoff from a foot away, it was a throw…. It was kind of awkward. I couldn’t chase him, I couldn’t tackle him, not a whole lot I can do because he had the baby. He just turned around, no regard, not a little toss or anything, he just turned around, overhand threw this two-month-old at me from about six feet away.”

Officer Jacob Kurby

Kurby also said the boy was, "a cute little baby, fluffy hair, had a cute little outfit on."

Suspect In Custody

Officers wrested James to the ground, still resisting arrest with everything he had. James even kicked and bit at some of the officers. He even kept fighting at a fire station where EMS was evaluating him.

According to the police report, James kicked officers while they were detaining him, one in the leg and another in the face.

James was taken to the hospital for cuts on his face, and he said he was having trouble breathing. However, according to the police report the officer, "could smell the odor of alcoholic beverage emanating from his breath.” 

Perfect Catch

The officer's used quick thinking and stellar reflexes to catch the baby, protecting him from harm. Thankfully, the baby had someone looking out for him.

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37 comments on “Suspect Throws Infant In Attempt To Evade Police”

  1. OMG, what will they think of next? The whole world seems to be going nuts! Let’s all pray for that poor little baby that he is kept away from idiots that would harm him.

  2. And of COURSE the perpetrator had trouble breathing... it's their new "go to" line. Shame on him for tossing such an innocent child.

    1. Always has been ther go to line. When Floyd George started yellin that it was just like every “cops” episode. If Obammy had a son…

    2. From now on whenever some nut case get arrested it's I can't breath. I am so sick this crap. If it's a black guy from now on it will be a racial issue too!

    3. Tjhat line is now ubiquitous! Problem isthat it has lost meaning and will NOT be heeded as a legitimate cry for help. Well... they've made their bed...

  3. Take religion and God away, take away common sense, take away civility, and this causes a vacuum in which Satan gladly steps in. You are now seeing the results of that. You're looking at it, now! And this is just the beginning! It will get worse. Don't say "it's impossible!" Just look at Venezuela. It was a very rich Country. But not any more! We are on a fast track heading in that direction.

    Here's what's happening. Trump recently bought an island somewhere South of Cuba. Why? Many of the reasons, we may never know. One thing that's for sure, he will be out of reach of the Democrats. But he's not alone. These rich people know something we don't know. And for what that 'something' is it's coming very soon. A trove of rich people are bailing out, and sheltering in their opulent fortresses.

    What can we do? Look at your neighbors. Are they reliable? Dependable? These are the people you will dearly need, and they in turn will need you. Bring back your Creator into your lives. He will give you the strength to persist. Unless you are one of the 1%, you can't go it alone. Community bonding is highly necessary to survive. Start now!

    1. Trump is not the only one to buy an island...scumbag obama bought one too....where did this pig get his money??? He was born in Kenya and raised in did he ever get to be president of the greatest country in the world....looks like money talks!!! And ignorant uninformed people that voted for him and his color helped too....

    2. THIS "THING" has been touted for people have been buying "islands" since the US was founded. THIS IS NOTHING forcasting a disaster - just telling poorer people that they cannot live like the rich...DUH - like this hasn't been called before??? In my almost 80 years, this has been brought up as "a disaster is coming" that I am aware of, for 65 years not...come on folks! Live your lives without the heart stopping fear that the world will change - it always has and always will - not so much the doom predictors say!!!

  4. That is what happen create a one sided defense and that is what the Democrats are creating by blaming the police for everything that happens while they are doing there duty.

    1. Thimk what would have happened to the cop and major cities if that drunk died. BLM/ANTIFA don't need much of a reason to RIOT, DESTROY and KILL.

  5. OMG. What more can criminals think of doing to law abiding citizens and innocent babies?
    And the dimwit dems want to defund LEO.
    So now we can expect all criminals to use the "I can't breath" B.S..
    Hopefully being in FL he gets the book thrown at him.

  6. I have one question: Was this suspect the father of the baby? And yes, drugs had to be involved. Why else would he have the baby with him but not care more about him than his own possible escape?

  7. Interesting how fast the neighborhood of all blacks showed up and surrounded the police. There were what looked like a couple black women trying to take the baby from the cop. The cop finally walked away with the baby from the women. I was waiting for the black men, of which there were a lot on the streets there, to start trying to grab the police off of the guy so the guy could run again but there seem to be enough cops to keep the blacks from interfering with the cops.

  8. I want to be the judge on this case. I want every possible charged, no matter how stretched to be thrown at him. Maximum time on all counts.

  9. I hope that the next time that father sees his baby - that the child is grown and has chosen a path in the opposite direction. The article didn't mention the mother, but if she is smart, she will end any contact with the baby's father and do everything she can to protect her child and her child's future. However, the reality is that many women go from abuser-to-abuser and the children have no chance for a normal childhood and grow up to be abusers themselves. She is going to be the key to this baby's future.

  10. From now on whenever some nut case get arrested it's I can't breath. I am so sick this crap. If it's a black guy from now on it will be a racial issue too!

  11. Thank you officers and this is what they have to deal with everyday and the left wants this crap to continue and get worse in there lawlessness America by defunding these heros thank you all for your service! You guys rock America back our blue there the only line from Complete Kaos in America as you can see .

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  13. 50 years in a bad prison and no short time out. We’re beginning to see more and more of mental cases out there running loose and wild yet we’re doing nothing to slam these loons into mental hospitals. Not having Tests for Covid but by damn mental tests

    1. If they are convicted of murder - an eye for an eye! No reason for taxpayers to keep scum like that alive.

  14. If that police officer hadn't caught that baby, he could have been killed!! That is attempted murder!! Too bad they didn't shoot the SOB!!!

  15. Unfortunately, this idiot didn't have enough breathing problems if he survived. Thank God for our law enforcement and first responders.

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