Suspect Running From The Police Tackled And Hogtied By Unlikely Hero

 May 26, 2021

Suspects often flee from officers during pursuits. However, usually officers do not get an assist from bystanders in the capture of the suspects.

Running From The Law

In Florence, South Carolina, a suspect was running from Sheriff's deputies. According to WPDE, he had been the prime target in a police chase, but he abandoned the vehicle officers believe he stole, running away on foot.

According to Florence County Sheriff T.J. Joye, two stolen vehicles were involved, an the chase was suspended after the suspect fled on foot.

The suspect wound up in the backyard of 72-year-old John Earl. Earl is an Army veteran.

Springing Into Action

Earl was at his home when he saw the suspect run through his backyard. He tried to talk to the suspect to see what was going on.

When he approached the suspect to ask why he was running, the man shoved him away. In that moment, Earl took it upon himself to take the suspect down.

The suspect was hogtied and Earl called the Florence County Sheriff's office.

Earl told WPDE, "I ain't been pumped up like that in a long time."

Officers were sent out to Earl's home to pick up the suspect and bring him in.

Just Doing The Right Thing

Earl doesn't believe he did anything special.

"It felt good but it felt good when the officers came and put the cuffs on him and took him out. They're some fine officers,"

John Earl

Earl also made a point to thank the Florence County Sheriff's Office for the hard work they do in the area, and for keeping it's residents safe.

The suspects identity and charges have not been released.

Training Stays With You

Earl is a prime example of how your training and instincts stay with you, even if you are no longer serving. Earl stepped up and subdued the suspect safely and efficiently.

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11 comments on “Suspect Running From The Police Tackled And Hogtied By Unlikely Hero”

  1. Good for him! Don't mess with us old folks, especially those of us who are Veterans and even more so if they are a Vietnam Veteran. We are still PO'ed about that war and when pushed.....we push back. Many Vietnam Vets when we came home joined the PD like myself and we are even more dangerous! LOL.

  2. Wow—72 years old. We need to rethink putting our seniors out to pasture. The guy that roofed my new (steep pitched roof) house was 82. No, he wasn’t just supervising. He had one helper and was himself carrying packages of shingles up a two-story ladder without breaking his stride. Amazing!

  3. On this Memorial day weekend-- Watching D-Day coming up and the sacrifice and loss of the Brave Men who gave the Ultimate Sacrifice--God Bless all of our brave Veterans. A special thank you to John in Florence S.C. who stepped up when needed.

  4. John, you did a great job handling this "Jerk". We all thank you for your quick reaction.
    God Bless You.

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