Teenager Tries Desperately To Save Mother From Horrifying Wound

 December 20, 2021

Not everyone is able to act quickly and decisively in an emergency situation. In fact, first responders and military members train rigorously from day 1 to ensure they perform under pressure.

However, some people naturally have the ability to respond in horrifying situations. These people don't hesitate to do what needs to be done. In one such case, a Maine teenager is credited with saving his mothers life after she fell and sliced open her wrist.

The teenager, 16-year-old Cyrus Iarrobino, called 911 at his mothers instruction and the dispatcher directed him to apply a makeshift tourniquet. Without hesitation, Cyrus ripped the shoelace from one of his shoes and applied it to his mothers arm. The shoelace worked perfectly and gave paramedics time to arrive and transport the injured woman to a nearby hospital.

Cyrus' parents are proud of his actions, and rightfully so! We have the utmost respect for young men and women who step up and do what's right. We also want to give credit to the dispatcher who walked Cyrus through the process of using a makeshift tourniquet. What do you think of this incredible situation? Be sure and let us know in the comments below!

Here at Thin Line News we recommend some of the same tools and resources that our military and first responders use to save lives. With that in mind, considering the predicament that Cyrus found himself in, think about how much easier it would have been to apply a Combat Action Tourniquet instead of using a shoestring:

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7 comments on “Teenager Tries Desperately To Save Mother From Horrifying Wound”

  1. Great example of a cool head under pressure! Cyrus should consider becoming a first responder when he graduates. We sure need young people like him in this nation!

  2. All should at least get America Red cross basic training , I started with the AHA , the a IT with the ARC , then a instructor For EMS all 3 are a good choice

    1. Yes. Also starting with PE classes in school they students should have basic first aid. How many lives could they save.

  3. I am so darn proud of this young man and he saved his Mom's life to boot Good on you Sir Cyrus We need young people like you in Public Service

  4. He is a true hero and his parents and community should be extremely proud of his heriosm in the midst of such a scary situation.

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