Three Dispatchers Awarded For Walking Family Members Through Horrifying Emergencies

Weld County

Dispatchers often walk callers through harrowing events. Recently, three Colorado dispatchers received awards for their work to save the lives of the family members of the callers.

Lifesaver Award

While all dispatchers do fantastic work and remain calm in the face of stressful situations, only some can qualify to receive the Lifesaver Award for their work on calls. To receive the award, the call is first reviewed by an internal team.

The award can be bestowed on a dispatcher whose call meets specific criteria. The caller or subject of the call must survive, and all internal standards are met 100%. The call must also meet the standards of the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch.

If all of these criteria are met, the dispatcher is then eligible to receive the award.

Weld County Dispatchers

In Weld County, three dispatchers had calls earlier in the year that met all three criteria. Ashley White and Josh Rysavy both had similar calls.

One was in February and the other in March. The two emergencies the dispatchers gave CPR instructions to the callers.

The callers performed CPR on their family members, who were unresponsive at the time. As a result, the callers resuscitated their family members.

Jennifer Fretwell was also honored. She was given the Stork Award for giving a pregnant woman childbirth instruction, resulting in a successful delivery of a little boy.

Accomplished Team

Weld County Commissioner Chair Steve Moreno released a statement regarding the three staff members' accomplishments.

"Dispatchers provide a critical service to the public. These awards show their professionalism and skills are key in generating positive outcomes to many challenging situations."

Steve Moreno

The Weld County Public Safety Communication Department has received a bit of recognition over the last couple of years. In 2019, it was named an Accredited Center of Excellence by IAED and was recognized by NICE in 2020. Manager Tina Powell is proud of the team.

"When you sit with dispatchers, and you watch them do what they're doing, that sense of duty is so strong with them. They miss holidays and time with their families; that sense of pride in their job is so strong, and they never complain."

Tina Powell

Dispatchers may not be visible on the front lines, but they are just as important as all the other first responders and make just as big of a difference in people's lives.

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