Texas Police Officer Ambushed By Carjacker And Murder Suspect

 April 16, 2021

Law enforcement officers know their jobs carry a degree of danger and the possibility of ending up on the wrong side of a suspect's weapon. However, recently there has been an uptick in officers carrying out routine stops and being ambushed- something that does not usually come with the job.

Routine Traffic Stop...

In North Texas, officer Joshua Lott stopped a vehicle at 4:15 a.m. According to ABC News, when Lott walked up to the vehicle, which he pulled over for an equipment violation, the suspect Jerry Don Elders, 39, pulled out a gun.

Elder shot Lott multiple times according to Burleson Police Chief Billy Cordell.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Cordell said, "He had a through-and-through shot to his neck. It's an amazing story. It could have been a very different outcome."

Lott has been with the department since 2017, and is in stable condition. He reportedly was shot three times.

Suspects Flee

After Elders shot Lott, he and the two passengers in his vehicle fled the scene. Their car caught fire, causing them to leave it on the side of the road and run.

According to authorities, one of the passengers may have gone to a nearby home and stolen a car from the resident. The resident was shot and died from her injuries.

In the afternoon, officers located Elders in the woods by Gainesville, Texas. They believe that he was "involved in the death."

The second passenger is still at large. Officers believe that that person is in the same area they found Elders.

Cordell said they have already located the third passenger of Elder's car, and that person is being questioned regarding the incident.

No Such Thing As Low-Risk

Traffic stops for things like moving violations and equipment failure should be fairly low-risk stops for officers. Unfortunately, in today's climate officers, are a target no matter what they are doing.

Suspects who do not want to be arrested are becoming more brazen as officers are getting less and less public support. Thankfully, in this situation, the officer is expected to survive.

However, if this trend continues to go unchecked, the next officer may not be so lucky.

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28 comments on “Texas Police Officer Ambushed By Carjacker And Murder Suspect”

  1. We really need to start honoring our men and women in blue. Stand up for them and protest this kind of behavior the left is allowing.

    1. Ever officer worlking in a blue state shou;d immediately quit heir job and live the liberal dem bloodsuckers without policig, their would be none of them left in 6 Months

    2. Allowing? More like encouraging!! My ex was a police officer and then an FBI agent -- three of his co-workers were murdered - one in a traffic stop by Huey Newton (Black Panther); one on a drug arrest; and one in a bank robbery that he walked into. So yes, we do need to stand up for these officers.

    3. I support by wearing a mask that has the thin blue line flag on it. I have gotten many thanks from off duty cops who appreciate the support.

    4. Absolutely! I wear a mask with the thin blue line on it. Several off duty cops have expressed appreciation.

  2. What is wrong with Americans,they think the Police should be debunked! What the hell would happen to all of us!They put there lives on the line every day for us to protect us!I respect them and an so glad they take care of us!!! No one else will ! Not Biden or Harris or any of the fat cats in DC! You should thank God for our POLICE !!

  3. The Left Judges are letting criminals are let go free and not protecting AMERICANS and should be fired now

  4. And they wonder why the cops shoot them. Wait for backup and then shoot to kill if they resist. Somewhere along the line the message will be clear and the morons SHOULD catch on!

  5. Maybe it's time to have the moron libs that think the cops are at fault go out on patrol and see the crap and scum bags have to put up with. With any luck these morons will get a grip on what life is really like in real life.

  6. It is because of stories like this that make police officer's so jumpy , and wind up pulling the trigger before someone else tries to take their lives !!! And then they get punished or imprisoned for doing what they believed to be SELF-DEFENSE !!! GOD BLESS and SAVE OUR POLICE FORCE for all that they do to protect the general public !!!

  7. Yes police officers are more at risk everyday. Black people believe no matter what there should be a up rising every time a black person is shot, instead of letting the judicial system take care of what happened. They should wait to see what happens. Stop all this unrest in our country by looting burning down business and upsetting everybody in the country! By doing this they are causing police officers to be at risk more than they already are. Yes I do believe that people have been unfairly treated in the past. And I don’t think police are always in the right. And I do believe that they need more training and empathy for the black community. But that doesn’t give a person the right to disrespect the police and not following what they are told to. Parents needs to teach their children to respect the law.

  8. Sending healing thoughts and prayers to Officer Lott, so very happy that you survived this horrific act ! God Bless and keep you safe and thank you for your service 💙🙏🏻💙

  9. And the stinking BLM bunch of scum want Police officers to play pattycake with these law breakers. I say they should order them out of the car or where every they are hiding once and if they do not respond, let the bullets' fly. They are given a chance to be safe! What the outcome of not obeying Police is totally on the law breaker!

  10. Hope the officer makes a full recovery and I don't believe the gutless media would print the rest of my comment!

  11. This shows you how the Left feels about the Law. We as Law-abiding people need to stand up for our Law enforcement officers always and back them when possible. God Bless All Police and Law Enforcement Officers.

  12. I well remember a State Trooper stopping me less than sober, 90mph midnight 50+ yrs ago. My car shouldn't have been on the highway. He asked me how much further to my home....then he said "Don't be on my 'beat' again in that old car. Didn't ID me. I was respectful; so was he. We both knew he could have arrested me+++. Respect was then; sooo much different now. I learned a huge lesson. I also was reared by two loving parents.

  13. Horrible thing to have to suffer. I believe the left is contributing to these actions by attempting to defund our great peace officers and not supporting them when they should. Our country stands in very risky times because politicians fail to support our Constitution and principles. Shame on them!

  14. The left loons should be happy. Police officers are getting killed every day and no one give a dam. We need a national police strike accross the nation and let the scum thats causing this take care of them selves

  15. Have they given any thought to what we will do when we need police and they aren't there for us? I do not like being puller over but I realize that I asked for it & if I needed a policeman that I would be grateful they were there.

  16. Maybe it’s time for County Sheriffs to deputize a small army they can call upon if/when riots start in their county jurisdiction!? Presently our democratic run states and cities have become crime zones and police have become the criminals and the real criminals walk away Scott free! Something very wrong is being allowed, time for Americans to stand up to these tyrants.

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