TSA Officer Uses EMT Skills To Save Choking Baby

 July 7, 2023

While TSA agents often get a bad rap, this one deserves to be hailed as a hero.

On December 9, TSA officer Cecilia Morales started her shift like any other. However, while she was working the x-ray portion of the security checkpoint, Morales noticed a mother in panic as she discovered her baby was unresponsive.

Morales didn't hesitate. She leapt over the conveyor belt and performed the infant version of the Heimlich maneuver on the 2-month old.

Check out the TSA footage of the event below, and let us know what you think!

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8 comments on “TSA Officer Uses EMT Skills To Save Choking Baby”

      1. And Hiemlich maneuver ! Kids do choke as well. KNOWING can save your child's life at any age, it did my daughter's at 18 mo old.

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