Valiant Massachusetts Firefighters Lose Battle Against Treacherous Conditions

Fire is one of the most destructive forces. When it has plenty of fuel it can go unchecked and decimate peoples homes and belongings as it did in one Massachusetts community.

Massive Fire

In Franklin, Massachusetts, firefighters were called out at 2: 15 p.m. to a condominium complex. When they arrived, flames were already coming out of the room and the smoke could be seen from the interstate close by.

The fire started on the third floor of the complex and quickly spread through the entire building. According to Battalion Chief Chuck Allen, the rapid spread was aided by high winds.

"The winds were very difficult being on the hill here," Allen said.

Firefighters rescued animals from the building and all of the residents made it out unscathed.

According to the chief, firefighters made a "valiant effort."

Damage Control

In about two hours the fire was under control. Fire crews from Franklin, Medway, Plainville, Wrentham, Bellingham and Milford all worked together to put the flames out and began clean up into the early evening.

The 12 units in the building were declared a loss. Buildinsg close by sustained water and smoke damage. Investigators are working to determine what caused the blaze.

Allen said, " It's still going to be under investigation.

Displaced Residents

The residents watched as the firefighters worked to put the flames out at their home.

One resident, Jeremy Morani, witnessed the collapse of the building's roof. "I haven't seen anything like this before."

Retired firefighter Mike Wright lived in the complex. He took it upon himself to go door-to-door to make sure residents made it out okay.

Alexis Martin saw the smoke and debris falling from up above her first floor condo where she lived for two years.

"My first thought was to grab the animals and get out of there," said Martin. "It was terrifying."

A condo had just been sold for $232, 500 and the complex was built in 1985. It's a prime commuter location near the rail station.

Ultimate Teamwork

While firefighters may not have been able to save the condo building, they made sure the fire did not spread to any of the nearby buildings. The multiple crews worked together to save residents animals and extinguish the flames.

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