VIDEO: Florida Carjacking Suspect Leads Police on Wild Chase, Goes Down Hard

 October 24, 2022

Tampa Police Officers responded to a report of a carjacking. The victim had been confronted by an armed subject as she entered her vehicle while preparing to leave for work. The suspect demanded she exit the vehicle before he took off with the car.

The suspect then kidnapped an individual and tried to force them into the stolen car. Fortunately, the second victim was able to escape.

A wild, high-speed pursuit followed and ended badly for the suspect:

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10 comments on “VIDEO: Florida Carjacking Suspect Leads Police on Wild Chase, Goes Down Hard”

    1. I often wonder, in situations as this, Antifa violence, BLM violence and the the support they get from the law when they go to court...if they even make it that seems to me this is in purpose in building up a case, lack of a better word, to call Martial Law to avoid the DEMS getting their behinds whipped.

  1. They need to bring back HANGING at a big ole tree in the court house lawn. I do believe this would need most if not all murderers things like this big baby it is. Cannot call anyone a man if they do this to women. Or anyone else.

    1. I have heard people discussing what is going on in similar situations and also troubles on the, elderly farmer, "in my day, we would just shoot a couple of them and that would end their coming over." Hmmmm

  2. Look at the damage this guy caused and the dangers he caused on this long fleeing time; he should be tried for the injuries to whomever, pay for damages to the car and if he hurt the K 9 turn the officer loose ...

  3. What bothers me, is so many of these violent crimes are NOW being committed by some of the 2 million illegals that have crossed our border in the last two years, yet the mockingbird media dares not share that information in fear of being labeled a "racist" BULLSHIT I SAY, call it for what it is...DESTRUCTION OF AMERICAN FROM WITHIN....BIDEN IS A CRIMINAL!

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