WATCH: East St. Louis Fire Department In Serious Trouble

 April 18, 2021

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13 comments on “WATCH: East St. Louis Fire Department In Serious Trouble”

  1. It is well past time to De-fund congress and the local city council. These Liberal Radicals are hell-bent on destroying America

  2. Always have plenty of funds for housing deadbeats and useless art projects just to show they care.

  3. Its obviously similar to defunding the police, they don't care. It would be really nice if the people who won't provide support for either have an incident at their home of a need for police or the fire the fire department and no one shows up. Wonder what they would say then

  4. East st.louis,an illinois city.I live in illinois and understand the priorities of democrats.NO,i really don't,chitcago and its corruption have destroyed our state.I would move,but at mid eighties i'm too old to relocate,a dollar short and thirty years too late.

    1. I'm sorry for you Sean, many people are in this predicament. Regretfully, we have allowed our Democrats and radical Left to run these cities into the ground and innocents, like you, suffer the consequences. You better vote for Trump in 2024.

  5. It seems the cities, towns etc defunding police, now depts. are all Democratic controlled? Tell me if Iā€™m incorrect !
    When will people ,who keep on voting for Democratic candidates wake up? In some states like Georgia there are complaints about pictures when you vote ?? Why ?
    I think there should be a current events test about things going on in your town, or county, your state , your country ! You take a test to get a driving license, Civil. Service tests for advancement, a test to get into a police or fire dept. Voting is most important - you should know who & what you are voting for !!

  6. All I EVER HEAR are complaining after complaining if those People in Minnesota don't care or didn't like it they would do something, just anything, but they DON'T. So tired of the ABUSE we are enduring but seems NOT ONE Republican is willing to Stand their Ground and fight a Fair Fight if you want to call it that and take our Country back. We need a STRONG PERSON for that job, but seems all we have are complainers.

  7. I just read the above story about the condition of East St Louis FD . . . . . is there any coverage of this situation on national and / or regional broadcast ??? America should see what all the Democrat controlled cities are experiencing !! SAD

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