Aerial Firefighting: Air Attack Planes and Helicopters In Action

Last updated: September 16, 2023

Modern firefighting techniques have advanced in leaps in bounds over the last few decades. One of the most useful for slowing the advance of wildfires is aerial firefighting.

While boots on the ground are still the most effective measure, aerial assets can make a world of difference to the men and women on the front lines.

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One comment on “Aerial Firefighting: Air Attack Planes and Helicopters In Action”

  1. Yep, technology has come a long, long way; unfortunately, we have reached the point where it hurts the planet as well as the wildlife, forests and human predators that live on it.
    This is a good video, gives one an idea of how they work these fires; in WY/MT we too often have fires that no one, nothing can successfully access so they just let them burn themselves out...can you imagine how many wildlife, trees, and parched ground is destroyed? Grasslands gone for decades due to many factors but a lot of it is the BLM of the US government...they don't understand the whole picture of why God gave us certain creatures to do certain things, such as help the grass lands come back if the wildlife lives through or returns to the fire.
    While here, this country, is ignorant in so many ways; killing of the gray wolves, the prairie dogs, gophers, cats and bears...each of these have a part to play in keeping this planet what does the USFG do...they order the prairie dogs poisoned, which is illegal according to FEDERAL laws...the same with gophers...can anyone of you guess why these little ones should remain alive? Can you understand that the lies that are spread of their being rabid are spread and the results of that? They help the grassland return is one of their chief duties that God made them for...they are also fodder for other animals, another reason we have them or had they kill them all off and the larger predator is without me it is senseless; the wolf, cat, grizzly play important parts also...especially the wolf and cat...they keep the herds of wild animals healthy by killing off the weak and also helps the grasslands or where they are grazing return for additional food the next season.
    Warning: Please, if you haven't .... read the Nuremberg files for this is where this country is currently or nearly there...
    Thanks and God Bless.

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