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13 comments on “WATCH: Heart Wrenching Footage Of Kyle Rittenhouse Sobbing During Trial”

  1. He's being prosecuted for protecting himself yet demonrats makes criminals into heros !!! Satan is alive and well in the demonrat party !!!!
    LET'S GO BRANDON !!!!!!!!!

    1. I like your "demonrats" I use "democraps". 🙂 I feel so sorry about Kyle. Biden said he was a white supremacist's. Kyle's mother should sue Biden for slander. I would.

  2. Rittenhouse was obviously in full blown panic attack as he recalled what had happened. He was a young man who should not have been there but his desire to help but protect himself was his goal. I'm sure he learned lessons but jail time for SELF DEFENSE should never be the reason for his punishment. Maybe some community service but don't destroy his life . Go after the perpetrators.

  3. Fuck. Joe. Biden. That. Senile. Old. Lyin. Bastard. Calls. This. Kid. 17. Years old at the. Time called. Him a. Guilty White Supremeist. Well. Then. Lyin. Biden. Is a. Murderer from. Afghanistan. Total. Mind lost. Looser. May God Bless this. Kid. And. Found. Not. Guilty on all counts

    1. Check out POTUS Biden, sidekicks Harris, Pelosi, Schumer and sooooo many many more Demoncrats and you will find the True White Supremacists!

    2. god is too busy blessing his globalists and globalist puppets; $oro$ and chester biden and demonrats and rinos and media and libby snow flake sheep AND altar boy raping demonrat priests .

  4. Kyles father lives in Kenosha, he was in training to be a firefighter EMT in Kenosha He was there to help people administering first aid. His friend gave him a gun to protect himself. One criminal arrested for sexual abuse of boys. They chased him yelling they were going to kill him.

  5. The judge's life has been threatened, a dangerous mob is poised to loot and burn if it does not like the verdict, and 500 national guard have been stationed nearby to quell riots. How the hell can a defendant receive a "fair trial" under those conditions? The concept of "fair trial" has been lost somewhere along with the concept of disallowing prejudicial "pretrial publicity". Criminal trials have degenerated from protecting the rights of the accused as provided for in our Constitution, to protecting the victims' rights and the public's right to know. It is a sad day for "justice" and just one more reason so many people have lost respect for our criminal justice system. The fake news has the power (and uses it) to make someone into the most hated person in America. Just look at what they did to Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman. They were tried and convicted in the media before their cases ever reached a court room. It was only due to the fact that they had outstanding lawyers that they were acquitted in their trials.

    1. The MEDIA, is the enemy of the people. They lie each & every day and are really never held accountable for their dustirtions of what the facts really are. Trump called them "FAKE NEWS" and he was absolutely right. The jurors in this case will be vilified no matter what the verdict is. This is a SAD day in America.

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