Minnesota National Guard Activated To Assist Local Law Enforcement in Anticipation of Protests as Federal Trial of Three Officers Comes to a Close

 February 8, 2022

The Minnesota National Guard has been activated in anticipation of riot as the federal trial of three officers charged in connection to George Floyd's death comes to a close.

This week, Former Minneapolis Police Officers J. Alexander Kueng, Thomas K. Lane, and Tou Thao are expected to stand trial on charges they violated Floyd's civil rights.

Governor Tim Walz made it clear that the National Guard will help keep the peace while allowing for peaceful demonstrations:

“Out of an abundance of caution for the safety of Minnesotans, and at the request of the city of St. Paul, I have authorized the Minnesota National Guard to make preparations to assist local law enforcement agencies as needed,... The National Guard will be available to help keep the peace, ensure public safety and allow for peaceful demonstrations.”

In addition to the National Guard, the city of Minneapolis has also requested assistance from the state of Wisconsin. Officials in Minnesota have yet to say how many Minnesota National Guard members will be deployed, or when.

Hopefully this time the riots will kept under control. What do you think?

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36 comments on “Minnesota National Guard Activated To Assist Local Law Enforcement in Anticipation of Protests as Federal Trial of Three Officers Comes to a Close”

      1. George Floyd wasn't choked out. He died of a drug overdoses for stupidly ingesting the dope on him so the cops wouldn't find it. Also, if he was takling, he was breathing.

    1. The democrats have to lock the innocents up so their criminal gangs can go on destroying the country. I say Pelosi was behind the Jan. 6th at the capitol lock hjer up and throw away the key

      1. Jan 6th was a SET UP ! The day of "election" result would be authenticated, and the left did NOT want any republican to talk about CHEATING !!!!
        Therefore a fake insurrection have been created by fake TRUMP supporters pouring in to the Capital, before Pres Trump speech even was over !!!

      2. The reason the FBI looked everywhere for the missing Piglosi Laptop was because it had all the Planning and Instructions on it for the Jan 6th Left Wing Capitol Scam ! She was the ringleader for the paid for Criminal gangs that broke into the Capitol ! Most of those arrested have been Patriots that were invited into the Capitol Building by the FBI and Capitol Police in order for the entrapment of President Trump Supporters !

    2. I agree. Solitary confinement, beatings by the racist guards (guards are black as midnight in the case of the Jan 6 protesters, all from the black racist DC region), lousy food, little contact with the outside. And this was for people who just walked into an open door and wandered around after the doors were breached or at doors some of the staff actually opened for them to come in!! Treat blacks like that and they would lose their monkey azz minds!!

  1. If the Minnesota Liberal pansies would use LIVE AMMO like the old days then the looters, arsonists and vandals of BLM and Antifa would be thinned out. The rest would run home to Mommy's basement and a pile of student loans for liberal crap degrees leading to NO jobs.

  2. The three police officers did nothing wrong, Floyd was a criminal who got what he ask for. If Harris had done her job right floyd would not have been on the streets. so why don't you put Harris on trail for letting a criminal out. If floyd had done what the police officers ask and gotten in the car none of this would have happened. But of course the demorcatrs and their criminal gangs have to blame the innocent officers to cover their own failings

  3. If anyone riot’s lock their black ass up! I’m tired of these animals getting away with looting, killing, and burning our country down all in the name of a thug George Floyd!!! They are the enemy not the cops!!!!

    1. Unfortunately it isn't just blacks doing destruction. Take a good look at the crowds. They only show black to heat up racism between races. White and light brown are in the mix.

  4. As long as the Guard troops are allowed to push back when the ass-munch Burn, Loot, Murder crowd starts to get uppity with them.

  5. I hope the thugs keep it up because the more they kill themselves the safer the people are. Keep going and keep letting the killers and thieves out of jail so they can kill more of the thugs. No children or innocent people should be involved with the thugs killing each other.
    All big cities keep voting for the s/as and d/as who have no common sense and are trying to destroy your cities like the be asswipe G. Soros and the demoncRATs who voted for the piece of trash we are stuck with as our president Invite BLM to stay at your cities that way they can kill more criminals.

  6. Justin Trudeau should stop cowering and soiling himself and be a men never apologize. Fire the truckers or at least ban the independents from government contracts, revoke their licenses and hire strikebreakers they did it during the depression 1930s. Impose the war measures act arrest anyone with a confederate or NAZI flag and shoot up their rig cab in a empty impound lot with machine guns fired from armoured cars or helicopter gun ships just like the 1978 movie convoy that'll teach them. Maybe Minnesota could fire government employees who riot and have them arrested that'll teach them.

    1. If Trudeau was a man instead if a scared little boy. Talk with the Trucker instead he hides. Why doesn't he negotiate with them, but instead he sends out his brown shirts, to deal with them. Canada has right just like the US. Their standing for the rights to freedom, no mandates, no bio-weapon, open up the country. America and Canada is also being effective by what Biden and California emissions control is doing to the Truckers if you cannot get to the docks nothing gets moved. You cannot blame the truckers if the scared boy who is over the country will not set down like a man. I also blame the transportation Buttijude for the problem where having. Buy American get rid of the dependency on China for everything.

    2. I guess you like the mandates. You like being told by government what you cam or can't d o. Go live in Russia since you have their twisted since of what FREEDOM DOES NOT LOOK LIKE.

  7. NG and other military are being used as police, is this a violation of the posse comiitatus act?
    The Posse Comitatus Act is a United States federal law ( 18 U.S.C. § 1385, original at 20 Stat. 152) signed on June 18, 1878, by President Rutherford B. Hayes which limits the powers of the federal government in the use of federal military personnel to enforce domestic policies within the United States.

  8. I'm thinking that rioters have been given the soft touch treatment for too long. Once rioters begin burning and looting, they lose any civil rights and deserve to be shot on sight!

  9. Dangerous situation. Once BLM and 'professional rioters' like AntiFa hear there is a 'demonstration', they come in and start attacking police and turning it into a 'riot'!! That's when the demonstrators start getting blamed for the violence---just like Jan 6!!! The military can't tell the difference between AntiFa and 'peaceful' demonstrators any more than the police can! These AntiFa and BLM members have taken away our freedom to peacefully protest!! Far worse than it seems on the surface. Our freedoms are being stolen right before our eyes.

  10. Floyd brought all of this on himself all he had to do was cooperate. People don't have to be afraid of police, act like an adult and you won't have a problem. Those second guessing these officers are cowards. It's always easy to sit behind a computer after the fact telling those who risk everything what they should have done.

  11. By now everyone should realize that liberals don’t need a “reason to riot”. Their aim is not to get justice but to destroy and steal as much as possible for the time they have democrats in office, which is coming to an end eventually. They have no agenda other than to destroy what is not theirs.


  13. No they won't be peaceful unless what the left calls peace with BLM/ANTIFA. They are anything but peaceful. They should be on terrorist list. Definition of terrorist - any one who terrorizes. Angry parents are not terrorists. Those like BLM/ANTIFA who leave mass destruction in their path a whole different story.

  14. How the Hell can blacks make a criminal a hero Floyd was nothing but that I flat out know a lot of Black people and I think they are worried about everything that is going on I’ve never been anything but a friend to all people black and white or otherwise God made us all if you are black or white break the law hurt someone all I can say thanks for doing your job protecting good people law enforcement if you do the crime do the time no excuses

  15. Time too loot. Us whites should riot and loot when a brother kills one of us or a cop. Then you would see law enforcement doing their job. Tell me again who has the privilege.

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