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7 comments on “WATCH: Legendary US Fighter Jet, The F-14 Tomcat - Where Did They Go?”

  1. Where did the F-14 go? We are in the age of Obama 3.0. For his 8 yrs; that
    Anti-America cretin attacked our military, slowly kept defunding it; even the creation of weapons and ammunition began declining-for responsible gun-owners and the military. While our military were in the Middle East, they were sharing weapons and fixing weapons with scavenged parts. Now F**** Joe Biden has picked up where Obama left off. He’s having military not jabbed dishonorably discharged.Once again depleting our forces and pushing Woke indoctrination thru the ranks. Look at the disastrous ‘Surrender’ in Afghanistan- leaving Americans and Afghani allies who helped us behind with $82 billion worth of weaponry and planes that will definitely wind up in China. Note how Obama forced out Patriotic Generals from the Pentagon with threats and rewarded the “Yes” monkeys who fell into line, more interested in money, medals and rank than their country! All you would see where the soles of their shoes if Obama bent over. (sic) Does anyone have any doubt that Obama is Biden’s puppeteer pulling the strings from behind as Soros was the puppeteer behind Obama? The Biden regime is fraught with incompetent, Marxist-Commie progressive jackals. We are in for the fight of our lives to retake our country, keep our military whole and not sent to the inevitable wars brain dead Biden is pushing us into with the help of War Hawk legislators in both Parties. There’s campaign money to be garnered by getting billions of dollars into the coffers of Defense contractors. The lives and body parts of our military occupy not one iota of their corrupt consciences. God Bless America and its Patriots. 🇺🇸 We must #MAGA!

  2. F-14 was killed by silly navy guys and pratt people that could not meet some requirement hidden in the spec. The F14 was going to have a version of the f-15 engine that was in f-15 and f-16. If that had come around they would still be flying. Instead the navy took the older engine that was already developed for an earlier plane I only remember as the lead sled. It was strange to see a f-14 take off and drop to the wave tops and painfully climb up to fly off.

  3. I Absolutely Admire The Amazing Pilots of these Incredible Flying Weapons!!! Thank God for the tenacity of the people that operate all of the functions these aircrafts can do. Go Navy!!!
    I found this video incredibly informational and Thank You for putting it out.

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