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5 comments on “WATCH: Legendary War Plane Capable Of Pounding Both Ground And Air Targets To Dust”

    1. Stop it. Joe has a multi-engine jet aircraft pilot's license and could easily master the A-10's battlefield acrobatics, he's a former college football stand out and highly touted college baseball player, and Joe is an accomplished concert pianist with a specialty in Rachmaninoff's Symphonic Dances, Opus 45, which he often plays for his family at their spirited gatherings around the Steinway Model O, Living Room Grand. His papers, describing all his early life accomplishments, were donated to the Arthur Murray South Western Delaware Emporium of Terpsichorean Arts and Flight Instruction in Delmar, DE, in 1989. In the 1974 Congressional baseball game, Joe is said to have simply pointed to left field then, a la Babe Ruth, drove the next pitch, in a powerful climbing line drive a la Lou Gehrig, banging it a distance 368 feet off the wall at the old Washington stadium for a stand up home run. Anyone claiming anything different about "Blue Collar" Joe's wide array of physical accomplishments is a colossal mountebank and a fabulist. As former President Bill Clinton explained it, "Those who don't care to believe Joe's rousing athletic exploits are stricken with the same sickness they claim Joe's got."

      1. Aside from the fecal matter at the tip of your nose, what sources do you have for such verbal diarrhea?

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