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4 comments on “WATCH: Lethal UH-1Y Venom Helicopter Unleashes Full Fury On Targets”

  1. This is a hell of a lot of firepower, and much more than i was exposed to in 57-60 in army field maneuvers, Very impressive, and feel like I missed a lot!

    1. Yes Jim.....No matter the new hot-shot birds they come out with....a Huey in any fashion cannot be beat for it's rugged ground support. It was an all-around gun-ship and doubled as a troop transport as well. I miss as well that...."pop-pop-pop" of the blades coming from a distance. So distinctive it was...!

  2. Anyone have a comment that this is a modified Huey..? My observations: 4 bladed prop as the two it had in Vietnam. A closed in gear and transfer cowling on top as opposed to open shaft in Vietnam..? Probably a higher bi-pass ratio on the jet engines for a quieter operation. Just saye'n...... as I am not an expert at all on Huey's by any means. Wanna do an expanded thread on this...?

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