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15 comments on “WATCH: Police Officer Confronts Armed Suspect, Shots Fired”

  1. video didn't show that the suspect was pointing a gun at the cop? The cop didn't video that part, I wonder why? The cop videoed "after: he shot and killed him..... I re-watched the video and still did not see the suspect pointing the weapon or fired at the officer. I guess the policy is to shoot first, ask questions later........


    2. Apparently the door was blocking his chest worn camera !!!! By your comments, I know 2 things about you !!!!
      1. You're definitely a liberal
      2. You think you know it all

      Praying you never need the police, because you think it's better that criminals prevail over good honest people !!!!!!

      On 2nd thought, maybe you would change your mind set if you were to face these criminals yourself, karma can be a be ach !!!!!

      1. NO, I think that"Truth", "honesty" and "justice" should prevail. Just because a cop has a weapon and a badge, doesn't mean he/she has the "right" to point and just shoot people for no reason. "The camera was probably "covered" up on "purpose", it is possible, happens all the time when cops want to build a case against a citizen, that is part of their job, "to build a case", it brings in revenue to the state and local jurisdictions, etc., if a person is convicted or pleads out, etc. Private Citizens that do that get arrested and are usually convicted for murder. The rule of thumb is, "if someone points a weapon at you, comes at you with a weapon, then you have the right to use deadly force if need be", at least that is the way it has been since this country was founded, (just common sense reasoning). I have seen it from a court perspective ( para-legal, 40 years, federal, state and local jurisdictions, retired,), That applies to "all" legal citizens in this country "cop or no"t. Just because a cop is "sanctioned" by the state or local jurisdiction, doesn't mean he/she is "above" the "Law". The "Law" applies to "EVERYONE", especially the tax payers/registered voters who contribute to the cops salaries through "their taxes". The people "their boss", should be treated as "presumed innocent" in accordance to the "Constitution", and "Not" the other way around, period. And, for your info, I am a "Conservative" and I Believe in Justice and I believe in supporting the rule of law, and support those who "act under color of law", when they are right in their actions, according to the "Constitution", period. So I guess, people who see things the way I do are now labeled, socialist, progressives, radical, let-wing, demon-crats. Why put labels on people who express their opinion, that tells me a lot about you, maybe you are the radical, left-winger? YOU need to get a life, and probably a job. Also, I want to say that not "ALL" cops are rotten, there are a few that obeys the laws and knows the "Constitution", and thereby goes by that.

  2. Anyone who pulls a gun on a cop should be aware of the consequences. At some point they'll figure it out, or not.

  3. Ashes to Ashes Dust to Dust if you dropped the rifle when the police commanded you to your democrat criminal azz would still be with us.

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