More Than 100 Washington State Patrol Employees Fired Over Vaccine Mandate

With vaccine mandates going into effect across the United States, many people who refuse to get the vaccine are losing their jobs. It is affecting many front-line workers, including law enforcement.

Seattle Mandates

In Seattle,127 Washington State Patrol employees were let go in response to Governor Jay Inslee's COVID vaccine mandate. However, in the couple of hours the mandate took effect, some Seattle police officers were seen flying Gadsden flags from their patrol vehicles.

According to KING, all of Seattle's healthcare workers and state employees needed to be fully vaccinated by Oct. 18 to stay employed. Fully vaccinated meant they would need to get their single-dose shot from Johnson & Johnson or their second shot from Moderna or Pfizer by Oct. 4.

The Seattle Police Officers Guild (SPOG) said the officers who did not submit their proof of vaccination on Monday would be allowed to disclose why they did not comply in a hearing before being fired.

Officer Reaction

One Washington State Patrol Trooper posted a video with a message intended just for the governor and a thank you to his community. WSP Trooper Robert LaMay signed off for the last time in his 22-year career.

“This is my final signoff. After 22 years of serving the citizens of the state of Washington, I’m being asked to leave… I’d like to thank the citizens of Yakima County as well as my fellow officers within the valley. Without you guys I wouldn’t have been very successful and you’ve kept me safe and you got me home to my family every night. Thank you for that. This is the last time you'll hear me in a state patrol car. Jay Inslee can kiss my -ss”

Robert LaMay

Sergeant Richard Thompson also did his final sign-off after 17 years. He was based out of Cowlitz County, and his wife, a Clark County dispatcher, also is being fired after 15 years of service.

According to Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan's office, 186 officers still need to submit their proof, and 98 more were attempting to secure exemptions, leaving 782 who have submitted all their documentation.

Due to the staggering drop in numbers, the department went to "Stage 3" operations, which means anyone who is trained can be sent to any call, including education and training employees. A huge hit for a city that has already lost 300 employees due to policy over the last year.

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58 comments on “More Than 100 Washington State Patrol Employees Fired Over Vaccine Mandate”

  1. Totally and completely unnecessary. The #46 ADMINISTRATION is acting exactly like the Chinese Communist Party turning our Great Nation upside down. This has to come to a end

  2. What about people that contracted covid and have antibodies 13 times more protective than any vaccine? Crickets.

    1. Its not just the governors. It all starts at the top with the inept, incoherent, unstable psychopath in cheif who was elected through fraud. Thats the root of the problem. And though you dont wish anything on no one. Lets hope that the surging crime affects those with the stupid mindset to vote for clowns like some governors and the present president.

    2. Yeah, we got rid of one idiot here in New York and now we have another moron who thinks she can lord over everyone and mandated vaccine shots... I've had my shot but I still go along with people who don't want it! It is their choice. I have a grand-daughter who is an RN who was fired from her job after all the many grueling hours taking care of the sick last fall & winter, now she is "not needed" because of a moron making a mandate saying "medical people have your shot or lose your job" the idiot governor better pray no one gets sick in her family because there won't be anyone to help them...hopefully it will be her!!!!!! sicko!!!

  3. I suggest that when a politician calls for help in Washington state that they go to the end onpf the line if at all!
    OSHA has sent out a request that they not be advised of any side effects from the jab after such and such a date. I just have one question….does this include death by blood clots around the heart and/or lungs?
    The loss of freedoms are piling up, aren’t they?

    1. Anybody notice that the first thing that we had trouble getting from the U.S. & from overseas, WAS AMMO OF ALL KINDS & CALIBERS ? Kinda makes one wonder, don't it.
      I say "start studying up on gorilla-warfare & booby-traps".
      Not going ta say that I know anything about that stuff or not. I'll let them (who ever them is) find out.

  4. Good if they are afraid of the Vaccine they don’t qualify to be in the police force they are corrupt cowards.

    1. Any one that has had the virus has natural immunity. Dr’s recommend that you don’t get the shot. Many people based on religious beliefs don’t want the shot because it is developed with aborted fetal tissue.

      Personally I feel that it’s illegal to ask because of hippa .

    2. They aren't afraid of the vx. They have common sense and haven't been brainwashed by the media and the corrupt govt officials. To some, the vx is a death shot as we have seen. Media doesn't report the nearly 100 thousand that died while getting the vx, or the multiple hundreds of thousands that become permanently disabled because of it. In 5 years, most that took the vx will be resting in Happy Hill feeding the worms.

    3. Victor:
      I would rather have 1 (as you say) unqualified cop standing beside me, than 100 of you and those with your attitude. Simply because that 1 cop WILL STAND BESIDE ME. Where as you and those with your frame of mind, would run try and HIDE BEHIND ME for PROTECTION.
      Some might say that I am on a rant. But I'm not. I'VE JUST HAD A BELLY FULL OF YOU PUSSIES.

  5. "Defund the police" was a public relations catastrophe for the left as the country went up in flames during an orgy of robbery, rapine and murder unprecedented in our history. The new strategy is "Fire the police"with the vaccine mandate. This may be a solid winner, as the jab will kill law enforcement officers the same way it is killing large numbers of other Americans. Those not killed will become "antivaxxers", part of the Other that every totalitarian regime needs, who can be persecuted as needed. The continuing breakdown of law and order will be further justification for expansion of the growing police state, and just wait until the mohammedan military forces being pitchforked into the country after the Afghanistan catastrophe stage their version of 9/11. This us not going to stop until traitors swing from trees coast to coast.

  6. Dear Officers , my love admiration and respect to each and everyone of you. You are letting your conscience be your guide. God Bless you all. My father was a retired policeman and my husband is a retired Firefighter Captain and arson inspector we applaud you. I am sure they regret already this action. God Bless you.

  7. It's very simple and takes so little time to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your community, so why not get vaccinated, and protect all of that and your own financial health and future as well? Stop being so bull headed, and follow the science, and not the BS! ( And by the way I'm a retired Public Safety Professional with 38 years of service)

    1. That was YOU'RE choice. DO NOT EVEN ATEMPT TO CRITICIZE OTHERS, just because what they choose is different from you. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, opinions & choices, just the same as you.
      And how can people follow the science when it bounces from A to Z and is controlled (info released or not released) by Bull-Shit politicians.

    2. Follow the science? Obviously you haven't. Most of Fauci mouthing has proved he's a liar. If you've had the C, then you have immunity. If its so terrible, why aren't the illegals vaxed? Ill tell you why. People have followed the bull shit media, bullshit fauci and listened to the ramblings of a senile hair sniffing fool. You've all forgot the science. The vxd still get covid, they still die. The vx weakens the immune system. Ta, ta, ta, now. I know what your going to say. Yes it weakens the immune system, if you have pre existing conditions then the vx attacks those as well, but in the case of cancers, it accelerates it, blood clotting issues, accelerated. If you have foreign bodies, it attacks that, ie: animal valve in your heart, transplanted organs, taken a blood transfusion etc. There are a host of things. And if its so safe, why doesn't the employees at the CDC and FDA take it. Because if they get sick, they take Ivermectin and hydrochloraquin.

    3. Ernie- sorry to bust your little rose-coloured bubble-
      - but even vaccinated you are still transferring covid to your loved ones.
      There are no benefits to taking the vaccine, none.
      Everyone has repeated this common fact so I am not surprised you still don't know it. Because you are getting the propaganda not the facts. Hence, you, sir, are way out of the LOOP.
      Way out.
      Which makes what is happening all the more criminal.
      Everyone deserves to know all of the facts before making a decision and you have been deprived of that right, sir.
      I hope you never end up with heart problems. But if you do- it was the covid vac.
      They lied to you.
      Don't be lazy. "It's so simple" to just click the switch and get facts?
      No it takes a lot of time and energy to get facts because for decades we ALL HAVE UNDERSTOOD that news is bought and paid for.
      We learned that back in the days that journalists were being fired for reporting the facts about aspartame being admitted into the food chain- and it is still there Acesulfame Potassium.
      Read your labels.
      Vaccines have been a huge investment venture for decades since the pre-approval program passed by FDA.
      No research and development needed. The people are the guinea pigs.
      And no studies ever were given to FDA even yrs after approval to even state if it did what they claimed it to do. Or how many would die, hence many of our friends and family suited or became permanent disabled.
      Thanks to Sen Grassley of Iowa, who investigated the FDA, studies were starting to be demanded out said drug companies who pushed their wares in under the proper scrutiny safe guards.
      When so many succumbed to those sales gimmicks- Vaccines see VAERs- to see reported side effects- those of us close to vaccine injured didn't even need media to know the truth.
      ERNIE- install the up dated version to your brain and get in the loop- stop being lazy and research. It could cost you or your loved ones their lives, sir.
      Fight for health and life. It won't come by itself. Many good fought the fight but these days it takes all hands on deck. Stop being lazy. That's when dictatorships, socialism and communism start happening.

  8. Watch the fun when anarchy rises!! Thee city, state governments will get what they deserve, but the innocent, intelligent citizens who had nothing to do with this insane attitude of those in power have proven to be staunch believers of the police officers and all of those trying to save lives!!

    The freedom of choice is not freedom, if someone else makes the choice for you.
    In a way it is no different than the abortion issue. What happens with one's body, should be their choice,
    Speaking of the government. It seems that DEFUND the police didn't work well enough, soooo I guess they figured out another way to get rid of the police.
    Oh well, they & all those who voted for them asked for it. If someone is committing a crime against you, forget the cops. Just grab a DemocRAT & throw them at the criminal, or use them as a shield to catch the punches & the bullets.

    1. I do not why, but the above post was "held up waiting for approval" . When I wrote it there were only a couple of comments posted.
      So sorry if things seem out of order with the rest of the conversations.

  10. This is insane. What is happening with these people, it is just power they want, don't they know that they are not hurting the ones that is leaving, they are hurting their community. They don't have that much sense to know this? Without the Police, when someone invades someone home, especially if it is an OLD LADY, who is she going to call on? Mayor's are you thinking about this or you are not thinking at all, or you are just thinking about yourselves? There is a very Bad Ghost that is on the march and as long as Biden is in the White House, that Ghost is going to hunt everyone in connection with Biden. When I say something, it always comes to pass, so be careful, never take bread out of the mouth's of babes, it happened to me 10 years ago, I was fired from my job for no reason my boss thought that I was a threat to her, because I was doing a better job,, therefore she had me fired, I sent a message to her and said "YOU DON'T DO BAD THINGS TO GOOD PEOPLE". She is now 6 feet under.

  11. Vaccinations don't mean crap!! Ask anyone in this house!! We are all vaccinated, We all have Covid!! Where we picked it up We are only guessing. Grandson came in contact at school. Son came in contact at work then again at his ex-wife home with the step kids. All the vaccine does is to keep the virus from not hitting your body as hard unless you have previous health problems. You can get it more than once. The science is wrong. I hope the upper crust all get it and enjoy the results.

  12. What is WRONG with the people who live in Washington State? Just WHO do they think will come when they call 911, some high-school ROTZ student. If you can't stand up for your own, who can you stand up for? SHAME ON ALL OF YOU COWARDS!!

  13. Is there a rise in cov19 cases that has caused the governor's reason to force her police to step down and or get fired.

  14. I would say this entire mandate thing is totally illegal and contrary to our Bill of Rights. What these anti-American, short sighted people are also doing is putting their entire population at risk just to satisfy their egos and desire for power and control!!

  15. Unfortunately here is a great man that served his communities as a not only a peace officer but a true American!
    Again I am overwhelmed that he and others are taking a stand and I respect them for that as it is time we all do the same if you want your country to remain free as this takes it completely away, it only takes something as this to start, then it grows…
    Folks I know this is a commie dem run state and fits into their plan but it is not about the Chinese flu, Covid or whatever you want to call it, it’s a plan to control you, me and all of us. Read all you can and get the facts.
    These so called mandates are coming to you and me that will be affecting you and your families eventually and don’t think it won’t.
    I too would say no to any mandate which is easy for me to state here, but the overwhelming emotional and financial burden this creates to any family is huge as you know.
    So thank you troopers & others in Washington state for making a stand, let’s take back our America now!

  16. I'm sorry to see all the unhappy people on here. This wouldn't be an issue if Trump would have taken the COVID-19 Virus seriously. He was a joke and so was his administration. As a health care provider, I'm appalled at all the misinformation floating around out there. It's time to stop blaming the current administration for Trumps short coming.

    Its simply, get vaccinated or lose your job. All you have to do is take one and the J&J is only one dose. That's one the I chose after all my research and I did fine. Guess what people, I got to keep my job with the health system!

    1. I wish someone could answer this question. How is it that everything bad that has happened since the universe began is somehow Trumps fault ? If Biden blows up the moon tomorrow, you people would somehow try to get everyone to believe that it was Trump that did it. And those who don't go along with your thinking that it's Trump's fault, would be vilified right alongside him.
      PS: I'm not "unhappy". I'm just very disappointed and angered, that we as a nation have let things get as far out of control as they have.

  17. This seems to be a demonstration of brainless power and control on the part of Inslee and his incompetent nincompoops. They have shot themselves in the foot and put a smile on every criminals face!!

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