Air Force Officer Fired For Not Enforcing Vaccine Mandate

 November 4, 2021

A Columbus Air Force Base colonel says she was relieved from duty because she would not enforce the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for her subordinates. The mandate was put in place by the military on August 23.

Against Her Beliefs

Col. Katheryn Ellis was the commander of the 14th Medical Group. In an interview with Task & Purpose, she said that Col. Seth Graham, the 14th Flying Training Wing commander, told her that she needed to order her civilian employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Ellis says the order went against her religious beliefs, and she could not give the order herself. She also filed for a religious exemption on September 17, so she would not get nor have to give the vaccine.

"To clarify, my religious beliefs prevent me from taking the vaccine, actively promoting the vaccine, and from administering the vaccine to others myself (I'm a nurse)," Ellis said via text message. "These objections were included in my religious accommodation request."

Ellis consulted with the base's legal team to find a way to still give the order without having to violate her own beliefs. Vice wing commander Col. Jeremy Bergin gave the order for her, though the two civilians were actually vaccinated, and there was no disruption to the day-to-day operations.

But, on October 21, Ellis was relieved of command because the Air Force had a "loss of trust and confidence in her ability to lead and maintain readiness of the men and women of the 14th Medical Group," according to spokesperson Rita Felton. Though the Air Force will not comment further, Ellis maintains that she was let go because she did not physically give the order herself.

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51 comments on “Air Force Officer Fired For Not Enforcing Vaccine Mandate”

    1. I agree. Fire Lloyd Austin also because he is an ineffective Secretary of Defense because he is interested only in promoting diversity and anti white policies. He should be more interested in developing hypersonic weapons and anti missile defense systems to overcome China and Russia's development of hypersonic missiles. All Austin wants to talk about is anti white supremacy troops; of which there are very few in the military.

    1. This demented “A “ hole in the White House is now destroying our military . Hopefully the Va election spells the beginning of the end of these communist criminal bastards that are now running Washington!!

  1. 750,000 Americans DEAD from the virus and these idiots don't think they need to be vaccinated to gather in large crowds. Fire them!

      1. He is a either a Rino or a full out f-ing Democrat. He has No Common Sense. Just like his dumbass puppet daddy in the White house.

    1. With all the negative data out there on the vaccines you call “these people” idiots for not wanting to take an experimental shot for a virus that has a 99.98% recovery rate … and those 750,000 dead even CDC has acknowledged that it’s really only about five percent of that number that actually died from Covid

      1. Why aren't people talking about who financed the Covid-19 virus? Fauci is the one who should be on the hot seat for all the deaths from Covid-19 because he used taxpayer money to help the Wuhan lab develop this destructive virus.

    2. We have all these illegals coming over the border unvaccinated and being sent all over the country and they are going after our Military! Who are they kidding!

    3. You should realize by now that the vaccine does not prevent you from getting covid. To mandate a vaccine that can kill you or cause a debilitating illness should be illegal. I have a family member who died from blood clot after receiving the moderna jab. I also know someone who was diagnosed with ALS very shortly after getting the Pfizer jab. If you do some research ALS is listed as a possible side affect. ALS is basically a death sentence. I have many family members who have gotten covid and are fine now and now have more antibodies than those who got the vaccine. DeSantis in FL has the answer…get monoclonal antibody infusion immediately if diagnosed and you are well within a day or so. DO NOT go to a hospital…they get money for treating people for covid and the last thing that you want is to be put on a respirator. This whole vaccine thing is about big pharma making money.

      1. No it's now inflated there are many more deaths CDC and others are lying about the numbers so it wont scare you uninformed steeple from getting the jab.

          1. Either way you put it your the sheeple that has fallen for the propaganda from the left and msm.

    4. Are you serious, your as dumb as CNN, MSNBC and all the media that pedal this false propaganda. My wife and Me both got the vaccine in February and second shot in March both got COVID in August and I in October.

      1. Sorry but you don't have any idea what these jabs are doing to your organs. It may take a while some of these shots will cause cancer later..

    5. You are as stupid as Biden! Mandates are not working so let's fire the people who disagree (an easy way out but you don't accomplish anything ). That just adds to the number of unemployed and you still haven't resolved a damn thing. The person still hasn't gotten their vaccinations.

    6. And you know for sure these 750K death were due to the virus and not some made-up government figures. It is called a choice and the Constitution which you evidently don't know anything about guarantees that right. And before you get your panties in an uproar I am vaccinated three times

    7. That's what you been told it's no big deal you take your vaccine your body your decision but my body is my decision and you or nobody else is going to make me take that shot I know what's in it I've done my research

  2. She should use the Dumbocrat's playbook. They blame everything on racial discrimination. She should claim discrimination due to her gender - female.

  3. They want to get rid of or most of the military so they can bring in the UN forces that are already at a base Jin Virginia

    1. The military and law enforcement are bound by our laws. whereas a "Peace keeping force" is not.
      Think about it people. One World Government Enforcers. you are either with them or you are dead, for whatever reasons they choose. It's that simple.

      1. A guy i know knows a guy that knows an A10 pilot that said if nato troops are deployed in the US he will be one of the first to engage them and he knows others that would do the same. I would also but i lost my guns in a boating accident.

    1. They will do or try ANYTHING if they think it might give them even 1 micron more power or more CONTROL.
      We have LET them get away with everything they have done so far. They think they are invincible and that we can't do anything about it. And if we don't act, and soon, then they are right. Why do you think that they are targeting the Police and the Military, and the First-Responders ? It called demoralization.
      To make us think we are defenceless, so we don't have the will to resist.

  4. I totally agree with the Col. the vaccine has proven to be very unsafe, and my brothers and sisters in uniform does not need to have to deal with this type of garbage, because they have enough to deal with. And if these were civilians they don't need it either, because what I have read the ones with the vaccination or the ones most likely to the the virus. And we really need that around our military.


  6. They need more testing . Some people are already fighting life threatening illness. Why would our military do such a thing . This country needs better leaders not stupid followers

  7. When you have Generals like Milly in charge that wants Communism. He should loose all pay and benefits after being tried for treason.

  8. Things are getting worse in our country. We must stop the onslaught of communism in the USA now or never. This is from a Vietnam Era USAF Captain, rocket engineer, and veteran in his 80th year.

  9. Instead of firing military personnel why not work with them ? Just because Joe China says do it doesn't make it a realistic move. We need our military leaders more so than we need Joe Biden . His answers to all situations are spontaneous. He don't think about anything! He can't stay awake long enough to think! It's time the so called President wakes up and looks at his problems at hand and not eliminate the folks who care for this country. He may think he has the answers to all of the problems of the world but the people of not just our country but others are laughing at us. I served my country as did millions more. It was a proud and wonderful experience with dignity . Don't let Joe Biden get away with this type of governing. Impeach the SOB now!!!!!!

    1. Impeach won't work as the dimwads control the HOUSE.
      Get rid of CCP puppet small (b) biden via Section 25.....inept, incpable, dementia addled.

  10. Just read most comments and I have one short sentence for every one . War 101 to Me is "You take away the ability to fight then the will to fight is removed" Think about that and start acting by not advertising about weapons and abilities .

  11. But it's ok for milley to betray the U.S. and call China and warn them if we were to attack milley is a traitor to the us and should be court marshalled

  12. Our first Constitutional Amendment "FREEDOM OF RELIGION". I remember when a statue of the 10 commandments were taken down from a federal buildings lawn. Then they put up a statue of Satin. SATIN!!!!! I stopped reading about the case because it got my blood boiling. But that's the state of our religion today. The end times are near and things will only get worse.

  13. any one dies from covid shot one given order by millions of americans === for=== ====== ===== no matter then --------- ======= not tax dollars there bank accounts we the millions arise?"

  14. the vaccine we need biden his devil minions we do not impeach biden, harris, fire nancy , chuckie exile soros to Mother Russia

  15. This is terrible we treat the men that fought To save our country. Please stop all this bs. We could go to war stop treating these men and women like their kids thank you

  16. we need this fool out of the white house now he is going to kill us all look what he is doing he is ruinning the country why would a person do these things to his own people he is a fu-king pig to do this stuff to us

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