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10 comments on “WATCH: Police Respond To Active Shooter, Gunfight Ensues”

    1. As I can’t edit….this is rediculous! What is she hiding?? She is obviously terrorized. This was poor coverage for the other officers. If the higher ups wanted to know what went down…good luck.

    2. She is keying the mic on her radio. She’s NOT covering her Body-Camera on purpose. You Cop Haters need to get a life, better education on Police procedures or watch more Cops on T.V.

  1. That officer who tried to cover her bodycam with her hand so that the incident could not be recorded should be fired.

  2. Glad the shooter is DRT. Nobody knows the stress of being shot at with all kinds of restrictions as well as the public pressure other than the Troops on the ground defending us.

    1. Why would anyone be a Cop today. It’s bad enough with you Liberal Cop-Haters trying to Second Guess their actions along with the Inept City Council Members. WHO WOULD YOU CALL IF THEY ALL QUIT? That’s what the future is coming to with Biden. They risk their lives fighting COVID & now they are being fired for not taking the vaccine. JUSTICE ALONG WITH LAW & ORDER IS DEAD IN AMERICA. Thanks to you Liberal Socialist Democrats.

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