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7 comments on “WATCH: Russia Launches Ballistic Missiles In Supposed "Nuclear Drills"”

  1. Does anyone believe this would be happening if Trump was still in office????
    Biden is an incompetent fool, unable to get anything right. When you put a proven liar
    in charge of anything, only bad can come from it. Look at our economy, look at our
    border, look at our energy levels,look at our standing on the world stage?????
    I could go on and on. Bad only come from bad policy makers.

  2. If I were Putin and trying to deal with what the U.S. has in the White House I probably would do the same.
    The President of Ukraine said from the beginning that these maneuvers occurred every year. This is a case of Biden smoke and mirrors to take interest away from the audits last year.
    If those states that found large instances of fraud took back their electors, we wouldn’t have this problem. Nor would we have Biden.

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