Putin Military Operation Launches In Ukraine Under False Pretext, Just As U.S. Intelligence Predicted

 February 24, 2022

Russian President Putin announced the execution of a military operation in Ukraine and warned other countries that any attempt to interfere would lead to "consequences they have never seen." This comes after Russian troops have moved into the Eastern part of Ukraine

Puten went on to say the attack was needed to protect civilians in eastern Ukraine – a claim U.S. intelligence had predicted he would falsely make to justify invasion.

Putin's announcement came as a shock to many, but U.S. intelligence has been warning for months that Russia was planning this move under false pretenses.

Unfortunately, Biden's attempts at getting Putin to stand down have been absolutely ineffectual.

Russia has been clear about their goals from the start: to occupy Ukraine and prevent it from joining NATO and Putin's announcement makes it abundantly clear that he has no intention of backing down.

Dark days lie ahead, as thousands will likely die if the Russia/Ukraine conflict escalates into a hot war.

Stay tuned for updates, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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16 comments on “Putin Military Operation Launches In Ukraine Under False Pretext, Just As U.S. Intelligence Predicted”

  1. We are not the Police of the World. We need to protect our own borders FIRST. This war has NOTHING TO DO WITH US, a diversion for a failing Biden administration. We do not need to shed AMERICAN BLOOD over there!!!!!!!!

    1. No we shouldn't, but had the idiots in DC & the WH, had any brains, this could have been avoided !!!! They played right into Putins hands !!!!! IMO,Ukrainian blood will be on the hands of a lot more people than Putins !!!!!!!!!

  2. Way to go dementia joe and wreckless ho !!!!!!! Had they put strong sanctions on, telling putin that we'd remove them when they removed their army, Ukraine just might have had a chance !!!!! But, HELL NO, this idiot administration wanted to wait till after the invasion !!!!!!

  3. If you remember history hitler said in 1939 just give me Poland and then he eventually took all of Europe and WW II started. It was one of the deadliest wars in history. Putin is the new hitler and if you think that he will stop with the Ukraine then you are dreaming. I think he will align with china and if aloud WW III will start. If NATO doesn't stop him now it will be to late. History is about to repeat itself.

    1. NATO isn’t going to do anything, never has and never will. With the US in such a weakened condition we’re not going to do anything either.

  4. The NEVER ENDING story of our POLITICS, to little to late. With our politicians not even allowing us to take care of ourselves as a country. We will wind up leaving our allies twisting in the wind.

    Weather it is our war or not. WAR & the war machine, is a very profitable business for some. The assets to be gained by Putin's strangle-hold on the entire region, ie. withholding energy & goods exported by Russia, will be astronomical. The U.S. used to be able to help offset such an economic hold on our allies, but not anymore. We are politically weak & impotent. And the rest of the world sees it.
    It is a wager that Putin is willing to take.

    Before everyone starts "jumping down my throat". I am NOT talking about putting American boots on the ground. I am talking about us, as a country going back to being energy independent, and an exporter of goods and services, instead of a BEGGAR for them.

    1. The man with the yellow hair, was the man that kept the world in check. Nobody liked him because he wanted to drain the DC swamp, but made the USA energy independent, and those dictators sitting on their hands afraid to do anything because of reprisal by the USA.

      1. You are sooo right. He did some things that I didn't agree with, but that is the nature of all people. The main thing is, HE DIDN'T TAKE SHIT OFF OF NOBODY, and he got things done.
        The rest of the world KNEW that he could & would back-up what he said. He has my vote if he runs again. I just wish that when it comes time to vote, that I could (like the democrats do) vote 4 or 5 times.
        PS: I would be happy to show my PHOTO ID in order to vote.

  5. From what I understand the 2 regions Putin invited were Comprised of mostly Russian people who wanted to be brought back into the Russia.

    1. The Russians in Ukraine who want to be brought back to Russia, just move the heck back ! Problem solved, nobody dies.

  6. The idiot in the Oval Office IS weak, he probably needs help finding his way back to bed after a bathroom run. He's SO weak that he can't even remember where he is and what he's suppose to be doing. He's just dingy.

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