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5 comments on “WATCH: The Red Army's Dismantling Of Hitler's WWII Empire”

  1. What a waste of time and space idiots glorifying Russia while it pillages the Ukraine. Morons turned loose to publish.

    1. Russia is not the same as then, our deeps Tate is all in Ukraine, biden and his son are involved and so are few other politicians . Ukraine is were money laundering is going on, sex trafficking, pedophilia is going on. The had a democratic election a few years ago the a coup happened they got a gay pedophile in office, we help put him there. go on believe in poor Ukraine do your research. china is our enemy but our govt wont do or say anything because we are in bed with them since nafta

      1. Hey Nicolas, what ever drugs your using must be some really good shit for your mind to be so twisted to believe the propaganda coming out of Russia and spouting out of the Trump twisted many that tried to hold a coup after the 2020 election! Ukraine did not have a fair election when Putin put in his puppet ruler in Ukraine and the Ukrainian people tossed him out and put in a president who is not a pedophile! You’ve got your head so locked into the MTG’s, Cruz, DeSantis, and other crazy wannabe dictators to follow in the footsteps of Putin’s butt buddy and 1st Court Jester of the United States Donald J Trump! Anyone one who was part of the Green Bay sweep that Navarro talked about the over 100 GOP house and senate have no business in our government and deserve to be taken and thrown in jail with Trump and his cronies and the key thrown away!!! Sine you like Russia so much, why don’t you pack your shit and get out of our country because we don’t want traitors like you and Donald Trump!!!

  2. sick of people condemning hitler when the Bolshevik commies were the real enemy they butchered babies and women and kids slit open pregnant women let the babies fall out, rapeing women over and over killed 20 million European Christians. they were 98 percent jews, but that is ok because they were jews, they started communism in europe in the 1840's, karl marx was a jew and friends with lincoln and also a lot of union soldiers. tell me again how our world is better after hitlers defeat, europe is ruined and also America, all for the new world order, we were in bed with the commies in ww2, Vietnam, and Korea we were not allowed to win korea or vietnam it was all show. our govt then and now are our enemies, now that russia is not communist they are now the enemy but not china . our govt sold us out during nafta politicians got rich. now yo can see the destruction of the European race, and Christianity true Christianity you are blind if you cant see it. our history is being erased our culture is being erased and look who is behind multiculturism andthe pushing of race mixing, and lbgtq agenda, if you call them out even when you show it in black and white and what they say, you are accused of being a hater, Jesús said they are the serpent seed, satan wants to destroy, no one ever says anything about lennin and stalin but they always bring up hitler it is a shame the Bolsheviks and commies are ok for there atrocities. remember victors write the history, and learn how we got pulled in ww1 and 2 and who pushed and financed it.

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