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5 comments on “WATCH: The US Military Is The Greatest In The World”

  1. If that demented bumbling old Biden would leave the military alone we would maintain our superior strength. Forcing all the racist CRT down their throats makes more division than helping!! Not to mention the FBI illegally looking into their social media. Plus get rid of the idiot....and part of the Generals....running it!!

  2. Let's just pray that the Democrats didn't give China all the specifications, blueprints and plans for all of our Military Might. Between Hillary's server and Binder financial dealings, China might have it all.

  3. It's looking more and more like we won't survive Pedo Joe and Kamal Toe and the Democrats. Even if 100% of new elections were Conservative, Demoncrats have already laid the seeds of evil for the next 40 years in our youth.

  4. It is very comforting to see that our beloved America will be able to defend itself going into a dangerous future.

  5. It there is any one thing that US Marines are known for, it is probably for their individual shooting ability!

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