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20 comments on “Urban Legend: "The Ghost Of Kyiv" Shoots Down 6 Russian Fighter Jets”

      1. Just in case you're SERIOUS...... it's a FUCKNG SCAM !!! They WILL STEAL EVERYTHING THEY CAN FROM YOU, and you'll get NOTHING n return...

  1. Why isn't this on MSM? It looks as if the Biden administration, the msm, and the deep state WANT
    this war as a distraction from the inflation, the pandemic, the open border crisis and the rampant election fraud they are responsible for!

    1. What’s required now is clear thinking. The stresses of the time produce confused and quasi psychotic thinking of which this is an example. No blame; we are all vulnerable. What we have to do is to try to find a source of good reasoning. If something sounds not quite right, just try to think it out. In politics these days, as always, some try to cruelly exploit our fears and confusions and feed us distorted logic. A problem now is the leverage of the internet.

  2. Just saw a Russian heavy equipment vehicle go out of it’s way to drive over and crush a car driven by an old man trying to escape.
    Nice to know how brave and honest Russian troops really are. No honor!!!!

    1. That was not a Russian tank! It was a picture of an Ukrainian tank from a previous encounter!! The MSM is using old war pictures, pictures of crisis actors to report FAKE news out of Ukraine!!! FAKE NEWS!!!!!

  3. Go Mr Fabulous Pilot Go. Praying for you! Hod be with you just don’t drop your guard ever!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏♥️♥️

  4. Why can’t we paint some planes with Ukrainian colors and fly them to Poland. Bring Ukrainian pilots to Poland to fly them over below the radar……they need air support

    1. in the Korean War, Migs that were tearing us up, were often flown in combat against us using Russian pilots. If the "volunteer pilots" from around the world are to be used today,, then swear them in as new Ukrainian citizens, and issue patches for their suits, and take lots of propaganda film to prove their "citizenship" to a skeptical MSM on the "News at 5"

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