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20 comments on “WATCH: US Warship Detonates Massive Explosive”

    1. How many fish did it kill how did it effect Dolphins and Whales in the area??? WTF was it so important to blow what ever it was up???? Or was it some Admiral playing with himself and big toys????

      1. You are kidding! Right?
        I will bet you have never served….either too cowardly…..lack of patriotism…..thought others should do your duty…Mama’s boy.

    2. It was for a ship commissioning they do that to see that it is sea worth rather routine some media idiot just trying to stir crap

  1. What is going on here? An explanation would be nice? What ship? When was this? What was the purpose ?

    1. Nevermind that - just focus on its mission - to protect and defend the USA and its allies...all that really matters.

  2. That is the USS Gerald Ford, the new multi-billion dollar aircraft carrier that still isn't ready for service. Looks like they are testing what the effect of a near miss of a major explosive would do to her hull, electronic and communications systems.

    1. Your answer is MUCH better than mine...apparently you know more about them! Did a tour of the GW when it was based in Norfolk, Va.. and found it all to be awe-inspiring, the statistics on its capabilities mind-boggling. Living in a heavily military-invested area makes me a fan. Wish they would showcase our Oceana Air Base jets. now - equally awesome!

  3. Just another democrat leadership problem! Evidently the navy and others in leadership are not paying
    attention to their work!

  4. I remember when Nazi Subs were playing havoc on our Atlantic ships
    taking supplies to the fighting front in Europe. We could have used some
    of the fire power we have now. We are now up against even more power than then. I do not remember the Nazi or Japs worried about the fish
    when sinking our ships.

    We need to be ready for anything that comes our way. Thank you!!!!!

  5. Don't know what it is going on with this article but what you are seeing was a test to see if the our newest aircraft carrier was battled hardened to resist a nearby explosion. It was thoroughly planned by the US Navy. Who is responsible for this idiot article?

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  7. The USA needs to test this kind of weapon and/or see how the hull responds to this type of blast. It is still OK to be concerned about the fish and other ocean critters. Yes, human lives are much more important and protection of our Republic is of utmost importance.

  8. All the same questions and why wasn't anyone infirned?? Including the boat sitting very close to this ecplision?

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